January 02, 2009

Keep it up!

I have been thinking long and hard about what my goals should be for 2009 – I thought I would eventually think of something really inspiring and unique but is just isn’t happening. I was trying to avoid the usuals like lose weight, stick to a budget, etc. but these happen to fit me just right so I will roll with it.

#1. Letters – My sweet grandma lives in Washington now so I rarely get to see her. She is also reaching the age that makes it difficult to talk to her on the phone so I will do the next best thing…write letters! My first goal is to write at least one letter every other week. Some of them might be short little notes on cute cards but she always looks forward to checking the mail to see if she got anything!

#2. Get Organized (or attempt to) – AHHHHHHH! This one will get the best of me I can already tell. This is not to say that I won’t do it, but I am sure I will struggle with this one. I am a very clean person but not a very organized person. I vow to go through every closet, under every sink and get rid of anything that Drew and I don’t use. This will just make more room for all the stuff that I love at Pottery Barn! ;)

#3. Down with Credit Cards – Drew and I have decided to pay off the credit cards and then get rid of them all (except for the American Express). We don’t really have all that much debt but it would be really nice to pay everything off and then just use the American Express for small expenses that can be paid off quickly. All this for dreams of a house!!

#4. Weight Watchers – I have been a WW dropout over the holidays and should be punished. Luckily, it is a new year and it is time to get back with the program. The good news is that I don’t have far to go to get back to my goal weight (10 pounds away) but then it will be a matter of sticking with it to maintain. Drew and I work out at Lifetime and it is fabulous so that will help get us to our fitness goals. Drew is lucky in the sense that he is naturally slim and in shape – oh, to be a man. ;) For a reminder of what started it all read this!

Well, there they are. Goals for 2009. I know I had said there would be five but I am making the fifth goal to keep all of the above going throughout the year. I will post updates on some of these once in a while – hopefully, there won’t be any reason for me to be on the bad list.