December 30, 2009

A Horrible Mistake...

Ya know, sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I have done some things in my life but what I did yesterday is beyond. I threw out ALL logic and concern for my own well-being and now I'm feeling the pain. . .

So it's that time of year where everyone starts back on the old (and menacing) fitness train. It's not that bad when you get in the swing of things again but those first few workouts????? Forget about it.

So yesterday was the day. I was going to workout and feel damn good about it!! So my husband has this energy drink mix or "energy sauce" as he calls it (???) and I decided I was going in. Mix one scoop with water, only 25 calories, tastes pretty good - why not??

So I did.

And I did some weights.

And then I decided to get on the elliptical.

And THEN I did a hip-hop cardio/dance video that was free On-Demand.

And then I did some more weights.

Seriously, Ashley?????? First workout in a while and I was so hopped up on energy sauce that I didn't even think of what I would feel like today. Let's talk about that.

So far: could barely get out of the bed, it hurt to climb into the shower, dropped my face moisturizer...and left it there out of redick pain AND now I'm sitting in the computer chair and I'm almost positive I'm just going to have to wheel myself to that bathroom to finish getting ready.

Damn. I had good intentions!!!

December 29, 2009

Beauty Picks 2009 - Tell Me Yours!!

Everyone has a favorite beauty product or two (or three, or four, or five hundred) and I want to know what YOURS is!! I picked some of my favorites for 2009 and listed them below and I can’t wait to see what ya’ll pick as the best of the best according to YOU!


I couldn’t pick just one as usual, so here are my top two. I just posted the other day about Versace’s Bright Crystal…love it!! My other pick is Lola by Marc Jacobs…need it, go get it.


I have said it a thousand times, but I’m just NOT going to spend $1000 on shampoo and conditioner. I have tried them all and although they are nice and smell good and all of that old stuff…they just aren’t THAT much better for me. Hence, the love of my life, Pantene Pro V (so 90’s, I know). I particularly like the new Nature Fusion line, especially the smoothing products. Perfect amount of shine without weighing down your hair.


So I know what you might be thinking. Why the $1.00 bottle of Suave conditioner?? Here is why…get rid of your shaving cream NOW!! I have never been a fan of shaving cream in the slightest and let’s face it: anything that lathers is drying to your skin. So toss that old can of shaving cream that you spent $4 or $5 on and go buy a huge bottle of Suave conditioner for your LEGS!! Trust me…this is the smoothest shave you will ever have.

*Foundation Primer*

I never thought primers could actually make that big of a difference but I was dead wrong. Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light is incredible!!! It is oil-free and turns your skin into a silky smooth wonder that is perfection. Your foundation will never look so good! Get it at Sephora.


Bare Minerals Matte. Enough said. No preservatives, no harsh chemicals, pore minimizing and oil absorbing. The new matte product even has a sifter so no more powder spilling everywhere.


You have probably seen this everywhere…sometimes I get sick of hearing about it myself but it really is amazing. NARS blush in Orgasm (crazy name). The perfect shade for every season, every skin tone with the tiniest amount of shimmer. I’m not talking glitter here so don’t be skerred, I’m talking tiny little luminescent particles that really enhance your skin. Try it along with the matching lip gloss and you won’t be disappointed.

*Eye Shadow*

Can’t get enough of Smashbox. I love their eye shadow trio in Head Shot. They have a ton of other shades but I love this one because it is very natural. Sephora to the rescue again!!


I have tried every. mascara. imaginable. There are some amazing and super high dollar products out there but I would rather spend my money on clothes, shoes, purses, stuff for the house, nice restaurants…than on a tube of black goop for my eyelashes. Solution? Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Luxe. Super volumizing and does not flake at all. The “luxe” means an added shimmer effect over the original in the orange tube.

So those are a few of my faves...let's hear yours!!!! I can't wait to try some of them!

December 28, 2009

Martini Monday - Bring on 2010!!

Can you believe it is almost 2010??? 15 years ago we were consumed by playing with our Barbie’s, Skip-its, slap bracelets and POGS…and now here we are at the start of a new decade!! Unbelievable…2010.

So this week’s Martini Monday is a little different but still very much dedicated to ringing in the New Year with perfection. Only one martini tonight but TWO champagne cocktails that are super easy and over-the-top delicious.

Here we go:

#1. The always popular and endlessly enticing, Flirtini!

I have posted this one a few times before because it is my all time FAVORITE!! Mine will look a little different than the picture due to a small change in ingredients, but don’t worry…it will taste amazing! Perfect for the hours leading up to midnight!

For one martini:

¼ cup premium vodka (use the good stuff; it’s New Year’s Eve!!)
½ cup pineapple juice
Frozen raspberries (how ever many you want…I do 3-4 per glass)

*You can substitute a splash of raspberry liqueur instead of frozen berries if you want*

Shake all of these together but NOT TOO MUCH! Just enough to combine (pineapple juice discolors if shaken too vigorously). Pour into a glass and top with the champagne of your choice. I don’t recommend using Prosecco for this one…stick with good ol’ fashioned champagne!!

#2. Mimosas with a kick!

I love mimosas any old way but this one in particular is really, really goooood.

Mix together your orange juice and champagne as you would for a regular mimosa and add in some Triple Sec for an extra kick. You can use a little or a lot. Float some strawberries for color and for a change, skip the stuffy champagne flute. Choose a more modern glass and party the night away!! Perfect for making in pitchers for larger groups…just set out bowls of fresh berries for your guests to choose from.

#3. Champagne with Berries

This is exactly what it sounds like…champagne with raspberries (or whatever berries you like) thrown into the mix. The berries add a little extra sweetness and some gorgeous color to the glass. This one is perfect for toasting midnight with a twist!!

So there are my picks for New Year's Eve - let me know if you try any of them!!

December 27, 2009

Zappos to the rescue!!

I was in NEED of red heels for my New Year's dress and had exhausted every store in the Galleria/mall in-store and online.


These red heels break my heart. I had to have them. New Year's is all about wearing things you don't get to wear just every old day so I ordered them. They are sky high - a little scary but I'm ready for the challenge.

Zappos = fabulous, to-die-for shoes/handbags with FREE OVERNIGHT shipping as long as you make a user account.


December 23, 2009

Hate It AND Love It

I went to Sephora today....sigh. I always end up buying waaaaay more than what I set out for and today was no exception. I ended up in the perfume section (by mistake but not really) and honestly, I really was in the market for a new scent...just not today. :)

So after smelling what seemed like hundreds of scents, I kept coming back to one in particular that I ADORE: Bright Crystal by Versace. It is fabulous, ladies. I had to have it....BUT...the bottle topper was so damn hideous I almost couldn't go through with it. In the end, I bought it and I am SOOOOO in love with it. Smells fab.

So, I hate the bottle but I love the scent! Maybe I'll make that top disappear...

December 21, 2009

Martini Monday - Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Martini Monday!! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year - family, friends, fun and FABULOUS cocktails! Here are a few of my Holiday inspired favorites. Enjoy!

#1. Winter Wonderland Martini

I just want to dive into this's like a cloud I promise you. If you like Pina Coladas, you will love this. A little vodka rather than all rum makes this drink perfect for the holidays.

1 ounce vanilla vodka
1 ounce coconut rum
1/3 cup chilled coconut cream (not coconut water)

Shake the ingredients together and top with toasted coconut flakes. Heaven.

#2. White Chocolate Martini

This is one RICH, DELICIOUS martini, perfect as a dessert!

1.5 ounces of white chocolate liqueur (I LOVE the Godiva brand)
1.5 ounces creme de cacao
splash of premium vodka (or a little more if you're like me)
2 ounces of half and half

Shake all ingredients together and topped with shaved chocolate - dark chocolate is perfect for this because it cuts the sweetness a little. I like to stick a strawberry on the glass as well.

#4. White Chocolate Peppermint Martini

Another perfect dessert martini with a holiday touch.

2.5 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce peppermint schnapps
1/2 ounce white chocolate liqueur

Shake all ingredients together. Glasses are especially pretty when rimmed in red sugar!!

Happy Martini Monday and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!



December 20, 2009

Christmas Debate ~ Help!!

I am in the middle of a heated, somewhat ridiculous, very passionate debate...about CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FROM SANTA!!! I thought I would post the situation on the blog and see what ya'll think...

So, question:

When you were little (or to those of us who are still lucky enough to get presents from Santa)...

...were your presents WRAPPED or UNWRAPPED????

Santa presents were always UNWRAPPED at our house so that we could see exactly what they were as soon as we ran down the stairs and over to the fireplace. But I have since been told (psshhh) that Santa presents are supposed to be WRAPPED!!

So which is it? WRAPPED OR UNWRAPPED???

Oh, and for those of you who remember this post, or this post, or even this post... I am proud to say that MARTINI MONDAY will return tomorrow with a special Christmas Edition! Yum...can't wait!!

Have a fab Sunday!!



December 19, 2009

Who's cool and takes pictures with their cats? THIS GIRL!!!


First things first.

Oh blog, I am so very sorry for leaving you out in the cold for many months without so much as a weekly check-in. I have been selfish, mean and overall a horrible person to you. Please forgive me!! I'll buy you something really, really fabulous?? that we have THAT out of the way...HOW THE HECK ARE ALL OF YOU????

I have missed blogging soooooo much, I can't even tell ya! To be honest, I don't even have a good excuse for not keeping up with this thing other than the fact that...





I was just on blog burnout!!!!!!!! I had run out of products that I liked and recipes to share and had just given up on blogging 100% and didn't really care about it. But then today, after watching Love Actually (which is another story entirely), I logged on to the good old MacBook and without thinking...clicked on the good old blog.

So it hit me!!!! I don't have to be the perfect blogger...I can write about whatever I want even if no one thinks it is funny but ME!!!

So this is just a start. Not even a real post really. More to come soon though...

I'll leave you with a ridiculously unnecessary picture of me and my cat, a santa hat.



September 22, 2009

Remember Me???

BLOG?????  What is that?? has been sooooooo long since I have even considered looking at this blog but for some reason, it crossed my mind today and I thought I'd check it out.  I will definitely have to write a catch-up post since it has been MONTHS but today, I don't have the  

Check out some of the pictures Drew and I took over the weekend!  Drew's sister took them and she is amazzzzzing!

Hope everyone is fabulous - I look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs!!  XOXO

August 10, 2009

Sports Gear FAIL

The front of my new Houston Astros hat...

...the back of my new Houston Astros hat.

What is wrong with this picture?!?!?! FAIL.

July 29, 2009

Please keep my kitchen from exploding…

I will be attempting to make a cheesecake for a potluck at work tomorrow and I am scared. Never in my life have I done anything with a cheesecake except eat it so it is safe to say that this will be an adventure.

Apparently, there is a device called a spring pan that I will need to purchase…sounds frightening. I think I have seen my mom with one of these before but have never thought about actually purchasing one. My mom makes the best cheesecake so I will be using her recipe. I must admit I half-way thought about asking her to make it for me but I guess that wouldn’t be right. Feel free to justify it for me though because it is not too late!

I’ll let you know how it goes. If all else fails and the cheesecake blows up, there is always the Cheesecake Factory! ;)

July 28, 2009

Wishful Thinking...

I wish I was as good at tennis in real life as I am on the Wii. Sigh…

July 27, 2009

Martini Monday Returns!

Man, oh man - it has been soooo long since my last Martini Monday post.  To get back in the swing of things, I'm going to post a new creation - the "Arnold Palmer Martini".

So it's summer time and who doesn't have some lemonade just lying  I am really liking the "Simply" products hence the Simply Lemonade below:

Add another one of my FAVORITES, Firefly Sweet Tea vodka...

...and you've got a fabulous martini, Arnold Palmer style!

This one is perfect for those of you who are not big on the fruity flavors that I usually post.  Once again I will give my disclaimer about the Firefly - it is so easy to get carried away with because it doesn't taste like alcohol AT ALL (we don't want another anonymous commenter to call me out for promoting binge drinking like the last time...)!!

So there ya have it!  Feel free to play around with the exact measurements since everyone likes things a little different.  ;)

Have a great night!

No Shoes, No Shirt – No Service!

“Ladies” of Sugar Land, Texas:

Please refrain from grocery shopping in black triangle top bikinis and cut-off jean shorts.



Not that this requires any explanation but for your enjoyment, I have decided to elaborate. Drew and I were at the grocery store this weekend and all was going well. We paid for our groceries and were walking back to the car when we saw the most hideous of sights.

To our horror, two young “ladies” (I use this term loosely) were strolling into the store with matching triangle top bikinis and cut-off jorts (jean shorts). You know the kind – the acid washed type that are so short that the pockets hang out the bottom and the butt cheeks hang out the back.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not live in the ghetto – not even close – so why they thought this was acceptable is beyond me. I am all for good self esteem but really??? If you look good in a bikini then by all means, wear one…at the pool, at the beach, NOT at the store. These girls merely thought they looked good – not so much.

Anyway, we got a good laugh out of it so I guess I shouldn’t complain!

Happy Monday!

July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Wedding Dress!

Kelly asked everyone to show their wedding dresses as part of her new "Show us Your Life" series - how fun!!

So here it is!  I loved this dress but it weighed 100000 pounds and didn't do a very great job of holding my boobs in...haha!  

The dresses are beautiful and all, but come on ladies - we can't forget the guys!!  I had to add one of Drew and his best man/groomsmen...

Have a fabulous FRIDAY!!!!!!  Oh and don't worry if you haven't gotten to the "married part" yet - that just means that you still have one of the best days of your life to look forward to!  Enjoy the wait - it makes it that much more amazing in the end...  ;)

July 23, 2009

"I can't make it because...I have to wash my hair!"

Since we were just on the subject of recommendations…I have another topic to inquire about…

What is your all time favorite shampoo/conditioner?? It can be cheap, it can be ultra expensive – I just want to know!!

It is amazing how many there are out there and I am interested to see if more people go for the cheaper versions or fork out a little extra for the expensive brands. I go back and forth. I still love Pantene as a daily shampoo and probably always will and strangely enough, I really like the smell of the Dove products. For my pricier selections (still not that pricey) I love Sebastian Light. It is perfect for adding shine and volume without stripping color or fading highlights.

So, what is your shampoo/conditioner of choice and why? Maybe I will find some new ones that I haven’t already tried (if that is possible). ;)