January 05, 2009

Frustration Nation

I want to slap CVS Pharmacy.  

Tonight was a particularly cold night in Texas so I scrambled around town after work tonight trying to get groceries and the usual.  Then I remembered I needed to pick up a prescription from CVS so I headed that way.  What I saw when I arrived was a horrible scene - it seemed everyone and their mother, sister, brother and dog happened to be at CVS.  I opted for the drive through lane so I pulled up, the third in line.  I waited in this position for about 10 minutes which would have been fine except for that I had groceries in the car and I was running low on gas (3 miles to E to be specific but that is no shocker if you know me).  A few more minutes and I was now second in line.  Ten more minutes passed without moving so I figured I would pull around and just go inside - but no!  Right when I was about to throw it in reverse, a convoy of cars pulled up behind me...there must have been three by now.  I had no choice but to wait so I turned up the radio and tried to relax.  FINALLY...I was at the window.  The man greeted me and asked my name so I told him.  He walked away as if to get get my prescription and then came back and said that it wasn't ready and I would have to pull around to the end of the line.  Are you kidding me?  I had waited close to thirty minutes for my turn at the window only to be shut down.  Not to mention, my prescription was supposed to be ready this morning at 8 am.  I politely asked if this was necessary and he proceeded to get the "manager" who also told me to beat it.  SERIOUSLY???  I thought about raising hell but I didn't...I did exactly what they asked me to do.  I pulled back around (1 mile to E) and waited once again.  I did eventually get what I came for but I left with without carrying out my diabolical plan that I spent the second set of twenty minutes thinking about.

I just might go back and slap CVS.


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Kelly Marie said...

I myself go to Walgreens. They have a lovely habit of e-mailing me to let me know my prescriptions are ready, but when I get there they have act like I am speaking an alien language. The Walgreens I go to also has intercom problems so you have to stick your head halfway inside their slide out box so they can hear what you are saying. If I wasn't so cheap I would have them mailed to me. ha-ha!