May 14, 2008

Let it all hang out!

I have a butt got fat. It got fat a long time ago but I have only recently decided to do something about it. I have doing pretty well with it all, I have done the whole nine yards...squats, lunges and even these things I call butt crunches...but to my horror, nothing works. I knew this day would come. I knew it when I was a kid and my legs were so skinny they could barely hold me up, but even still I had a butt. It never really got out of control until two years ago (college once again is to blame). I must confess that I have not worn shorts in public for TWO YEARS and a bathing suit only on my honeymoon! Imagine the pain that comes along with braving the Houston heat and humidity with a pair of jeans on...a hideous thought. I have missed out on tons of pool parties, beach trips and the like all because of my dislike toward my own rump. So this is what I have decided to do about it....NOTHING! I will no longer care what my butt looks like in shorts or otherwise. In fact, I have a river floating trip coming up in two weeks and I might just wear my "circa 1985 leopard print thong bathing suit" as my friend Jen has so hilariously coined it. Maybe I'll just let it all hang out, I don't care...I will never again miss out on summer festivities due to my butt. It can no longer hang over my head (if that is possible).

;) On another note...Drew and I might try a new church this weekend. My prayer is that we can find some young married couples that we can hang out with. Keep us in your thoughts!

Church and butts in the same entry...I have no shame.


The Hall Family said...

I can relate. i hate my stomach. and I will keep you guys in my prayers, that you find some good fun couples. It'll happen.

Life at the White House said...

My butt got fat to. Boo!


Anyway, after reading your blog I think we have a lot in common!!!!

Heather said...

"I have a butt got fat"

HAHA!!! well, I have a problem, my EVERYTHING got fat :( I got my new DL picture in the mail today...I have the neck of a linebacker! What the hell? When did this happen? Damn college years. I miss the days of eating whatever I wanted and then working it off at dance practice.