January 15, 2009

What wakes you up?

I have seen some fabulous posts lately about morning routines - like this one!  It really is interesting when you think about...I pretty much do the same exact thing, every morning.  These are the things that wake me up!

I have 1832340293842 bottles of shampoo, all of them half used.  I have always been a serial shampooer and have never been able to find anything that I really LOVE!  I have tried it all and the one thing that I know for sure is that I will never again buy expensive shampoo.  I came across L'oreal's Hydra Gloss recently and I think it will have a permanent place in my shower.  This stuff is heaven if you are going for shiny locks! 

So if you live in Texas, wavy hair = fro. In order to avoid this, 
I have to pile on loads of products which in turn, stay on my hair
and wear out their welcome. Once a week I use Neutrogena Anti-
Residue Shampoo. It totally removes everything that makes your
hair dull-looking BUT doesn't touch your color if you have any. Love!

Did I mention my addiction to lotion?  I think I did.  Aveeno is my lifeline...for the face it has to be Aveeno Calming but for the body it is Aveeno Firming.  Maybe if I put enough on, my butt will shrink and I will wear that dream bathing suit...1985 leopard print thong.  So not happening!

Once there was this lady at work who had the most fabulous eye lashes in the history of the world.  Everyone would comment on how beautiful they were until one day I saw her in the hall and her beautiful eye lashes were hanging half way off her face.  I guess she forgot to mention that her coveted lashes were impostors.  Hmmm...small detail.  Anyway, I love the Beauty Tubes mascara made by L'oreal.  It really is like having eyelash extensions.  Only these won't fall off and blow your cover!

Last but not least, "I can't leave the house without my lips on," as my mom would say.  Victoria's Secret is wear it is at.  Check it out!

Those are my main morning components outside of my PM flat iron and coffee with Cool Whip in it!

What wakes you up?  I am dying to find some more miracle products!!


Kmart said...

I love the L'Oreal Shampoo too, but I have to rotate it out with something else every other month b/c my hair gets immune to it. I also have crazy, curly hair.

Megs said...

hey! thanks for the note! i love your blog, so cute!
i'm with you with the shampoo obsession, my boyfriend is constantly making fun of me b/c my shower if filled with so many products. I have a shampoo rotation going, and I only use certain ones on special occasions -- It's kind of ridiculous now that I'm talking about it haha. My favorite one right now is Frederic Fekkai Glossing shampoo -- it has olive oil which is nice and nourishing (perfect b/c I wash my hair at least twice a day). Keep sharing your product picks, it's great to read!!

Anonymous said...

Haha glad you enjoyed the post! :) I have never tried coffee with cool whip on it, outside of Starbucks. I should jump on that bandwagon because you're the fifth person I've heard of enjoying coffee that way!

Love the shampoo too, I use the pink one, glossy something or other!

The Blonde Duck said...

I saw you around and had to say hi to a fellow Texas girl!

Kelly Marie said...

Coffee with cool whip sounds yummy! Does that have any points? My budget would love me to buy "regular" shampoo but I just can't. I figure if I spend x to get my hair dyed/cut then I might as well shell out another to try to keep it...I think it's a lie or a consipiracy...

. Becca . said...

Girl, I live for VSLG! I HAVE to have it on my lips or I'll die. I think.

Super cute blog!

The Mrs said...

I have stopped using shampoo everytime tha I jump in the shower. I only do it when I really need it. I do condition my hair though when I get it wet. It really makes a difference, it seems so weird though the first time you do it. I love it now though.

Amber said...

I love love love Pantene Pro V leave in conditioner. It protects hair from heat. I pair that with Tresseme Heat Recovery. I have wavey, frizzy hair that just hates me so I use a lot of heat to calm it down. I love this stuff...I'd be lost without it :)

Oh, I saw you left a comment on Ms. Newlywed and decided to visit your blog and you're pretty awesome. Keep up the goodness!