January 12, 2009


No. I don’t believe you that it is Monday right now. This past weekend was so fun that it blew right by with no shame and now here it is, Monday morning. My best friend came to town and we had a blast! On Saturday we even went to a MOVIE. This is so unlike me…the mere thought of being confined to a movie theatre seat is usually enough to drive me insane. I am not sure what causes this problem; I think it stems from the idea that I must sit in my seat and attempt to make zero noise. I won’t even mention the fear that comes over me when I realize that I have to walk in front of people to escape to the bathroom. I am a freak. When I was little someone told me that “creeps” would stick needles in the seats and wait for someone to come rip their butts apart unknowingly. I half-way believed this…damn those creeps. Anyway, we saw Benjamin Button and it had me crying within the first ten minutes of the movie. It was a loooooooong movie but definitely worth seeing.

So today is the start of Operation “I could damn well wear a thong bathing suit if I wanted to.” Make no mistake, I would NEVER actually wear one in public or otherwise but wouldn’t it feel great to know that you could if you wanted to?? I did not do that fabulous on Weight Watchers last week so I have given myself a second chance only this time, it will be coupled with extreme workouts at the gym. It is time. Time to get it together and prepare for the summer so I never have to be hesitant about the old bikini. The only time anyone should be scared about a bikini is if it is a “weenie bikini.” I might come back to that in the future but for now, I will leave it to you to figure out. ;)

Cheers to Summer ’09!


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Kelly Marie said...

I was so mad yesterday when I found out that smarties were 1 pt and not 0 pts. I don't even really like smarties, but whenever I find a 0 point food it becomes MAGIC...(lets not mention the fact that I usually overdo it i.e.: fat free reddi whip...oops!) so when I plateau'd this week I knew it was because I have been sabotaging myself! Which is stupid because I only have 5 lbs left. We will prevail!