June 30, 2009


DISCLAIMER: The above picture of me has absolutely no relevance to anything on Earth…I just thought it was funny!

So you might be wondering what the hell has been going on with The Porter’s lately…probably NOT but I am going to tell you anyway! ;)

Life has been wonderful but oh so busy. Things are FINALLY getting back to normal at work so I am hoping (and crossing my fingers) that I will find the time to get back to blogging…I miss it! This is such a fun and creative outlet and it goes greatly missed when I get out of the habit/don’t have time.

Drew has been working very hard, as usual, but he is really enjoying his job which is very cool to see. His birthday is coming up in about two weeks so I am trying to come up with good ideas for presents, dinner, etc. We will be heading to Dallas for his actual birthday weekend to meet up with his family and of course see all of our friends that we miss terribly! Don’t blame us if we party a little too hard and don’t act our age – hey we are still young!! ;)

My cats are still as crazy as ever. They drive me insane a little each day but what can you do? They speed around the apartment, sleep in strange places, refuse to eat their food, steal things out of the laundry, destroy the toilet paper and so on. I try to remember to close the bathroom door to deter them from doing this but I just can’t seem to do it (operative word: TRY). I still think they should get jobs to earn their keep but it hasn’t happened yet…

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY JULY?? That means that July 4th is THIS weekend – crazy! Drew’s parents are coming to visit us here in Houston to celebrate so we are in prep mode. I have a huge list of things that need to be done before their arrival so I can only hope I can get it all done. It has been scalding ass hot in Houston for the past several weeks (in the 100’s for two weeks straight with no rain). Yesterday, it rained for the first time in TWO MONTHS and it was glorious. Hopefully, things will cool down for the 4th – I also hope the rain holds off on Saturday so that we can blast off our fireworks!

That’s my little recap…more to come. In my absence, I have come across some awesome beauty secrets/recipes (courtesy to my friends at work) so I will be sure to pass those along as well.


June 26, 2009

Go Get This...Now!!!

Really quick before I peel out to work...

GO GET THIS MASCARA!!!  It is Loreal's Extra Volume Collagene and it is AWESOME!  You have to build it and put on a few coats but this is the best volume enhancing mascara that I have used thus far.  Check it out...

Oh, and I will get back to regular blogging soon as things at work are FINALLY slowing down.   We had been down one person in our department but a new person started this week so things are getting better.

Talk to you soon!  Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs!!  


June 05, 2009

Remember this??

Yep!  Still love it and I don't care what anyone thinks!!!  I hadn't heard any of their songs in years and then I stumbled across the video for "I Want It That Way" (best song EVER!) on YouTube...it all came back and I acted like a high schooler all over again!!!!

And to the anon that will blast me for this undoubtedly, you probably liked them too at one point.  You, too, were a loser just like all of us so don't pretend like you weren't!  lol!  Who knows, maybe you are done leaving comments blasting my physical appearance, specifically...my boobs???  Seriously?  

And to the rest of the readers.....I HEART YOU and have a fab day!!!  ;)


June 04, 2009

Man, I Feel Like a...MAN????

So I ran out of my shower gel today and had to use my husband’s and now I am paranoid that I am going to smell like a MAN all day! I guess it is pretty funny if you think about it but I have this huge fear of people confusing me with a man!!!! HAHAHA – I know it is ridiculous. I think like this because on two separate occasions (once in college and once recently) someone has referred to me as “sir.” REALLY???? One time I had a hat one so I can KIND OF see that one but the other time I just had my hair back in a bun! I feel like this shower gel thing just adds to my paranoia…I’d better stop by the store on the way home and pick up my usual!! ;)


June 01, 2009

Martini Monday - Bikini Ready Edition!!

Before I get to the martinis....

Have you ever tried Firefly vodka??  If not, DO IT...NOW!!  There are several flavors but my favorite is the sweet tea vodka.  You mix the vodka with plain old water and it honestly tastes like the most perfect sweet tea ever!!!!  Careful though - these can be lethal!!!  ;)

OK, so Martini Monday is back!!!  I probably won't have a martini post EVERY Monday but I will try my best to post new recipes as much as possible!!

So, since it is BIKINI season, what could be better then a slimmed down martini recipe?  Check out the more figure friendly Raspberry Lemonade Martini!!

Mix together 1 oz raspberry vodka, 1 oz triple sec, 1.5 oz light cranberry juice and 1.5 oz light lemonade.  Yum!  Not only is it light on calories, it is super refreshing too!

Have a great night!!!  

Another Reason to Love Texas!

This weekend was soooo much fun! I went with Drew and my family to San Antonio, TX - I had forgotten how much I loved it! If you ever get the chance to go, you definitely should. The main attraction is the River Walk and it is fabulous. All the restaurants, hotels and shops line the river so it really is an outside experience for the most part. Ya like Mexican food and margaritas? Well, this is the place to go!

We stayed in a fabulous hotel, La Mansion Del Rio - I highly recommend it. It is directly on the river so it makes for easy access to everything. They have boat tours that take you along and tell you about the city and its surroundings but I'm telling you, the best part is the food and drinks so DO NOT think you are going to go here and be on a diet - impossible!

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Our Hotel

Drew and I on the balcony

On one of the bridges over the river

My sweet Drew P

My mom and step-dad

Me with one of my many margaritas...

My brother and I on the "scary balcony" ;)

Me on the "not scary" balcony

Anyway, I hope everyone has an incredible week and that you all get to do something fun and exciting to get you through to next weekend! I am focusing on getting through this week because next week we are going to the beach!!! Stay happy!