September 10, 2008

Not that I needed one AT ALL, but yesterday Drew and I came across a cupcake place in Sugar Land so we stopped in. It was right before closing so I don’t think they had their normal selection but we picked two cupcakes from what they had available. Drew got one called the Birthday Cake and I got a Red Velvet…they were HUGE and looked very yummy. They were packed in a little box so we hit the road with our cupcakes. I didn’t realize just how huge they were until I looked up their website and figured out that the selection that we must have seen were Jumbo Cupcakes only…apparently they sell kiddie size and regular size as well. From my observation, the “kiddie size” appeared more like the size of a cupcake that you would make at home so as you can imagine, the jumbo cupcake was truly, entirely JUMBO. Anyway, when we got home we dug into the cupcakes AND…they were just ok. I didn’t love either one of them and I have since decided that I can’t get caught up into the designer cupcake trend…not at this place at least. I think I will just stick to making my own from now on!!


September 09, 2008

Disney Lied to Me

Wow! Time flies more than you can believe. I have been such a bad blogger…it has almost been a month since my last post. All of a sudden it is September and I don’t know what to do with myself. For some reason, more than usual, I am very excited for cooler weather. I found myself in Pottery Barn the other day checking out their Halloween stuff which is so unlike me. I have a hard time accepting any Halloween decorations at all anymore but I was so glad to see that Pottery Barn offered something different than the usual skeleton, fake blood and howling monster. In fact, I was at Garden Ridge Pottery as well and they were way ahead of the curve and already offering Christmas d├ęcor. Unbelievable!

Well, life for Drew and I has been so wonderful over the past month. I feel like we are getting past some of the early marriage struggles and really getting back to what it is all about. I think for a while there we were both so busy and stressed that we didn’t have a lot of time to really reflect on how blessed we were and how very much we loved each other. I have realized more and more that love, REAL LOVE, is not at all like a Disney movie or The Notebook and I for one, am so thankful for that. If love was that easy and that effortless how would anyone ever know how much they truly loved someone? For me at least, I know I love Drew with all of my heart, every day…but it is the times when that love is tested that I can really feel the power of what God wants love to be. It is bottomless, endless, precious…sometimes it is not easy but it always so very worth it. Drew and I are in a place where we feel really connected and I know we can get through anything that comes our way.

Now to jump to a more fun subject…my best friend, Jennifer, came to Houston this past weekend and we all had such a blast! We spent most of the weekend relaxing and shopping around but it was so good to see her. We laughed about old times and although it made me feel old when I realized those memories were so long ago, I remember all of it like it was yesterday. We ended up trying a new place in Sugar Land called Olive’s Martini Bar…it was awesome! They have upwards of 50 different martinis to choose from and it was a really cool place. You should definitely try it if you are in the area and want to do something a little different.

AND…I am so excited to FINALLY report that my sister-in-law, Ellie, had a beautiful baby boy. Porter Jacob Born arrived yesterday and weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz.!!! I have only seen him via picture through text but I can already tell how wonderfully handsome he is. I am so happy for their family and know that it will be a fabulous and busy time ahead.

Ok, so I’m back on the blog scene. I will do much better going forward, I promise! I haven’t even had a chance to read anyone else’s blogs recently so over the next few days, I have some catching up to do. Hope all of you have a fantastic week!!