January 15, 2009

Out of Line

Confession: I never wore my retainers when I was younger.  Punishment: My teeth revolted and strayed away from the correct position.  Solution: Invisalign.

That is right...I am a nerd.  I have being doing the whole Invisalign thing and have seen major improvement.  My teeth have never been that bad...they just have a tendency to get too close together since they are on the larger side (hence the middle school nickname of Mr. Ed - Kids are cruel).  In reality, I probably didn't NEED Invisalign so I guess it was more of a preventative measure.  Anyway, today was supposed to be my last day to actually wear them but the dentist thinks I need a little more time.  Damn.  Don't get me wrong - this is a fabulous alternative to traditional braces.  They don't hurt and you can't even see them.  One more month or so is all it will take...I can't wait!


Kelly Marie said...

My orthodontist made me shove my very tight clear retainers in my mouth until they began to fit again. Ow! But now, when I go weeks and weeks without wearing them...I can only blame myself. I had a HUGE gap when I was a small child. I also had a uni-brow, and wore those stretchy spandexy pants with the stirrups. Go figure.

The Hall Family said...

oh the things we are called by cruel children. "Sta-cy Penny's" WTF?

i was lucky enough to not need braces, but as i speak, my wisdom teeth are coming in wrong and are squishing my front teeth together so tight that floss breaks before it comes out from between my teeth.

oh dental insurance, how i need you.

JustCasey said...

If you get brave enough let me know, it won't be that bad ;)-- just shoot me your email!


this post made me laugh!