February 28, 2009

On the Birthday Express...

*Update* The BBQ Cook-off was AWESOME yesterday and I wish I could have stayed all night!  Our amazing boss paid for everything which I think was very generous of her.  I tried not to eat TOO much but I did have the following...a "BBQ plate", a funnel cake and a few adult beverages that shall remain unnamed!  ;)

It's my best friend's birthday weekend and I am so excited!!!  We are all heading to her lake house to celebrate and party it up (while pretending we are still in college!).  It shall be a weekend of relaxation and fun which will be AMAZING considering that I have been sick over each of the past three weekends!!

Happy Birthday Jen!

And for some reason unknown to me...I felt like posting this picture.  I think it is because I was looking through all of my old Facebook pictures and kept coming to this one because it brings back such amazing feelings.  This was taken on the day of my wedding in the middle of all the craziness going on in the bridal room (which was fabulous!).  I remember being so mad at the photographer for not just leaving me alone for a minute (I was soooo nervous) but now that I look back, I am so happy that he took pictures like this.  I was so incredibly happy and this picture sums it all up for me!  Yay!  I can't believe it will be two years this year...

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend and hopefully, I will have some fun pictures to post when I get back!  


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February 27, 2009

Horses Don't Work, Why Should I?

I’m a Southern girl so you know I love me some rodeos and BBQ cook-offs! Today marks the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s BBQ Cook-off and our awesome boss is taking our whole department at noon today! Yep, we get to miss the rest of work today to go gorge ourselves on yard stick margaritas, funnel cakes, and sausages on a stick!! Yum!! I KNOW there are some Southern ladies out there who will appreciate this and know exactly what I am talking about!

The Cook-off lasts all weekend and it gets a little crazy at night – the best part is the actual “rodeo” starts directly after and some of my fave country stars will be performing (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts!!!). If you have never been and you live in the area, you NEED to go. It is a blast!

I take that back – the BEST part is that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo gives away over $10 million in scholarships EVERY year. There are a ton of great kids that really benefit from this and it is so cool so be a part of it all!

Ya’ll have an awesome day – I wish ya’ll could go with me!!


February 26, 2009

Easy Days


+ this...

+ THIS...

= extreme deliciousness for me!

I have said it before a thousand times, but I just have to say it again! I love coffee but I love coffee with whipped cream on top! It is so fabulous and it is the main reason I get through my mornings at work so easily. You MUST try it! Sometimes I will sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips on top but I ran out of those. It doesn't matter though because I NEVER let myself run out of whipped cream...I am so lame!

What gets you through your mornings??

What is THAT??

Any idea on what the new "followers" box is all about??  Not sure I like it...

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February 25, 2009

Secret Swoozie Giveaway!!!

OK…so you might be wondering, “What is the deal with all of these posts about this darn Swoozie’s place??” Well, not only is it one of my favorite places, it will be the source of my next giveaway which starts TODAY!!!

Here’s the catch: You won’t really know what is up for grabs because I don’t even know! It’s up to YOU!! The goodie basket might include things like stationary, pens, wine glasses - fun stuff that is personalized for you - it's a surprise!! Here is how to play:

*step 1* Comment on this post to enter your name into the drawing (you don’t have to be a follower unless you just want to).

*step 2* In your comment, tell me a few of your favorite colors, mention some words that describe your personality and tell me a color you DON’T like! Add whatever you want me to know about you.

*step 3* Write a post that contains a link back to this post.

I will use whatever you tell me about yourself to put together some cute little things from Swoozie’s and a few other places – the more you tell me, the better! This giveaway will last a little longer so that people have time to enter and I have time to start getting some ideas – the winner will be chosen on March 11 (two weeks from today). Yay! I can’t wait to see who it will be!

*It is important to include that this is NOT sponsored by Swoozie’s in any way*

As always, feel free to email me ANYTIME about ANYTHING at shleeblog{at}gmail{dot}com

Still Swooning...

More things to love and buy thanks to Swoozie's!

This makes me want to have a wine party by the pool!


Yay!!!  I got a blog award (which I so do not deserve) but much, MUCH thanks to Ashley Paige over at I Love You More Than Carrots!!  What a happy start to the day!  You MUST check out her blog - she is incredibly sweet and her writing is so bubbly and fun!  Now to pass it on....I will choose my 5 newest followers - enjoy it!

Talk to ya'll soon!!  XOXO

February 24, 2009

Swooning Over Swoozie's

One of my favorite places - Swoozie's - is having a sale...the great stationary sale that is!!  Check it out here!!

I have picked some of my favorite things and placed them below.  They have the cutest invitations, stationary, painted wine glasses...they even have *Lilly* drink umbrellas!

What could be better than bright colors AND polka dots??
*love this*

The cutest coasters...perfect for summer parties!

Check this site out if you get the chance!  I will be holding a giveaway from this little shop very soon!  Have a great evening but don't blog TOO much!  ;)


A Letter About Ketchup

Dear Chick-fil-a, 

Please do not attempt to prove my theory that all businesses, including restaurants, are secretly downsizing their goods in order to make a higher profit in these tough economic times.  Please do not tell me that when I went through the drive-thru today and ordered my usual favorite (#1 with an un-sweet tea), I would unknowingly leave with the most measly of all chicken sandwiches ever seen - a sandwich that would would sport one wrinkly ass pickle with a hole in the middle of it.  Please do not tell me that you have downsized your ketchup packets without warning anyone so that the once generous red sauce is now only enough to cover one halfway cooked fry minus the salt.


For the good of humanity, do not tell me that the ONE AND ONLY fast food place that I don't feel guilty about visiting will soon break my heart.

Thanks and gig 'em.

**I don't know what to think - was this simply a bad experience that can be singled out and never again be real??  OR is this the end of it all.  I am sad about this and don't know why!  I love Chick-fil-a and I thought they would avoid all of this madness.  What is a nugget lover to think?**

February 23, 2009

Martini Monday - Fruit Edition!

MAN, I wish I could have a few martinis right now after a *crazy* Monday, but I will wait until the weekend I guess...or at least Thursday!  Maybe the guy who crashed into my office building had a few martinis or something like that....damn it feels good to be a gangster.  Anyway, let's do this!

*So as mentioned in the title of this post, I have picked THREE wonderful fruit inspired martinis this week.  These are all drinks that are served at my favorite local martini bar, Olives.  

First, we have the French Martini!  Yummmm and yum.  It takes 1.5 oz of vanilla vodka, .5 oz of raspberry liqueur, .5 oz Cointreau, .5 oz cranberry juice, .5 oz pineapple juice and a twist of lemon or lime.  This is very similar to the Flirtini (my favorite) only without the champagne and a few extra fruity ingredients.  

I LOVE this one...the Mango Martini!  I have seen it made all sorts of ways but I stick to the simple version which takes 2 oz mango rum, .5 oz triple sec, .5 oz cranberry juice and a splash of lime juice.  The most important part of this is the mango of course - you can either add in some mango puree or some mango juice (usually sold in cans)...this part is very important to get a fruity taste.  It is also perfect for beach/pool parties!

Last but not least, the Cherry Martini!  This one is SWEET but I love sweet stuff so it is perfect for me...just a little disclaimer.  This one takes Three Olives Cherry vodka, cherry flavored schnapps (Pucker), and some Sprite.  If you want to tone down the sweetness, add a little champagne or even non-flavored seltzer water.  And cherries of course!!  Really reminds me of my old college side-kick, the cherry vodka sour.  ;)

Alright, I hope you enjoy your evening and I look forward to the next edition of Martini Monday!!  I think I will have to pick a theme again....

Feline Fiasco and Misc. Mer!

Holy cow!  I cannot believe that 80 of you lovely ladies are following MY blog - I am so overly flattered, you have no idea!!  I am soooo not cool enough for that but I thank you so much for reading!!  I always look forward to blogging and ya'll make it even more fun!  THANK YOU!  

Hey ya'll!  I came home to yet another massacre, courtesy of my cats.  It seems as though they couldn't wait until someone got home to fill up their food bowl, so they took it upon themselves to bite open their new bag of food which I shamefully left sitting in the living room floor.  My bad!  They have BOTH been doing some rather strange things lately and I don't quite know what to make of it.  For example:

*Grenade loves to pull my hair and will go to any length to make this possible.  Sometimes he attacks my pony tail while I sleep - other times he is so bold as to do this while I am awake.  I usually sit in the floor with my back up against the couch when I am on my laptop (the big couch is light colored and I don't like anyone, including myself, to sit on it...haha) which allows Grenade to climb on the couch and proceed to bite my hair.  Why, I ask?

*Biscuit likes to sleep in the window sill but only if the blinds are closed.  I am afraid she is going to ruin the blinds so sometimes I lift them a little so she can easily access her lounging spot - this only causes her to refuse her normally inviting window sill and will only attempt to access this area once I have closed the blinds therefore wreaking havoc upon my once unbent shades.

*BOTH of them HATE the vacuum, yet continuously make messes that require me to get it out.  Pavlov's dogs learned association and classic conditioning, why can't Porter's cats?

*Grenade will not stop shredding the toilet paper - I have hid it, begged him to stop and have even tried bribing him.  Nothing works.  Touche.

After all of this, you would think I would be ready to kick them out but no - I am a hopeless lover of animals.  You have won, cats, you have won.

Now, for something fabulous that you MUST check out.  A blog friend of mine (who happens to have the most beautiful family EVER) just started her own stella & dot shop and is holding a giveaway in honor of her new beginning!  Head on over to her blog and check it out - you will be so happy you did!  She has great party planning ideas for little ones, the best fashion advice and just an overall wonderful personality that comes through in all of her posts!  Check her out at Miscellaneous Meredith!!

Have a wonderful evening...stay tuned for Martini Monday!!  XOXO

What the...?

So…a car crashed into the front of my office building…literally drove right through. The building is directly off the freeway and I guess someone was exiting and didn’t think to tap the breaks. I am thinking that they are OK since they ran from the scene leaving their car embedded in the brick wall! What a day…

February 21, 2009

I Might as Well Do Cocaine...

...that is how addicted I am to Coke!  Not just any Coke - Coke in glass bottles.  There is absolutely no soft drink better than this!  Don't get me wrong, I don't discriminate.  I like Coke in cans, cups and every way else it is available but Coke in a glass bottle is amazing.  It is the perfect mixture of sweet and bubbly and I can't get enough.  Yum!!  I will probably drink one immediately after writing this post!  ;)

So, remember my post about foundations?  Well I finally found the one for me!  I know a lot of you cautioned me against it but I ended up buying the Bare Minerals kit in medium.  I picked this one because I HATE a lot of stuff on my face and luckily I don't require too much coverage. It came with a great bronzing powder called Warmth - this is the piece of this kit I was most scared of at first but if you use it right it gives you a fresh, healthy look.  I love it!

While doing my daily online Sephora browsing, I came across the most beautiful nail shades!  They are totally summer-esque and I cannot wait to buy every single one of them (minus the yellow probably) and wear them ASAP!!  I can't explain to you ladies my love for summer - it makes me happy all over just thinking about it.  Come on June!

I saw this too - a new Smashbox product.  I really am liking their stuff lately and my eyes keep coming across this shadow set.  I think I am most conservative when it comes to eye shadows because I am afraid I will look like an '80's music video girl which is NOT something I would be ok with!  Haha!  Maybe I will get the guts to try it!

HAPPY SATURDAY!!  Did I mention that I am sick again, or still, whichever way you want to look at it.  I can't tell if it is horrible allergies or something else but I took a Zyrtec this morning and I feel like my head is detached from my body!!  Weird...

Let me know if you have tried the eye shadows OR if you have good suggestions for others!!

XOXO   Talk to ya'll soon!

February 18, 2009

February 17, 2009

Ok...For Real This Time!!

Who is excited??  This girl is!!  It is finally time to reveal the winner of the $50 VS gift card!

And the winner is... (drum roll please)

Yay!!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that entered...I can't believe how many of you took the time out to comment and enter my first giveaway!  Congrats to Liana and for everyone else, stay tuned!  I will be revealing what I have chosen for the next giveaway soon!

Thanks ya'll!  And Liana - enjoy it!  You deserve it!  Send me your address at ShleeBlog{at}gmail{dot}com and I'll send your giftie!


P.S. The winner of this giveaway was chosen using Random Line Picker.

And the Winner is.....

NOT going to be revealed just yet!! I know, I know - that was mean. I was just trying to be like Ryan Seacrest on American Idol! I can't wait to reveal the winner of the VS gift card but it won't be until a little later tonight!!

XOXO Talk to you soon!

February 16, 2009

Can you strain...your boob?

Hey ya'll!!  I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and a fun Valentine's Day...I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs!!

Before I go any further - Don't forget that today is the last day to enter my *VS Giveaway* - you know you want to!  :)  A winner will be revealed TOMORROW!!  I'm so excited to choose a winner and I am already picking out the item for my next giveaway!

So...my Heart Day menu was a major success!  You have to try that steak recipe - it was so delicious and I rarely like steak at all!  The chive butter was fabulous and of course I loved the potatoes (I love ALL potatoes).  Drew P surprised me with beautiful roses, two cards (a sexy card and a sweet card) and bought me a gift card to Sephora!  I am ashamed to say that I have already spent it...I am addicted.  

Last night we went to a barbecue at my mom's house and the food was amazing...NOTHING is better than a backyard barbecue.  The weather was perfect and I had one of those days where I was just happy all over.  I am so blessed...

Poor Drew P is sick and I am to blame.  Ladies...if you have not had this flu thing that is going around - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!  I was sick all of last week and now the hubby has fallen victim to this nasty little sickness.  

Weird Question:  Can you strain your boob????
Here is why I ask.  Yesterday, I played basketball (or at least attempted to play).  After that we jogged home for some extra exercise and ever since then my left boob just HURTS (TMI, I know)!  I wasn't wearing one of my best sports bras and I wear a size D (boo).  To be honest, there have been several times in my life when I have wished that I could take my boobs off for a while and then put them back on later!  :)  I kid...I kid.  Ever heard of this??

Well, I hope everyone has a relaxing evening and I am looking forward to picking a winner tomorrow for the $50 VS gift card!!  Yay!!


February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely ladies!!

So far this morning has been busy!  I decided to go get my nails done while Drew P did his Heart Day shopping and then I went to pick up all the things that I will need to make tonight's dinner.

Here is what I will *attempt* to make (you can click on the titles for recipes if you want to):

and...Drew's favorite dessert...Ice Cream Cookies
For this baby I bake the cookies and let cool, put a big old scoop of our favorite ice cream in the middle, roll the edges in mini chocolate chips and EAT IT!!  This time I will TRY to make them heart shaped...I'll let you know how that goes!

There will be a veggie thrown in there but I haven't quite decided on which one yet!  Hey, I am content with mashed potatoes alone but that is because I am weird and don't like normal food groups!  ;)

Have a wonderful day no matter what you do or who you do it with!  Ya'll are awesome!


February 12, 2009

My Sweet Thing

My sweet friend over at Pocket Full of Pink started a wonderful "Love Scrap"  - basically it calls for all bloggy ladies to tell the story of your personal love story.  So, without further ado, here is my real-life love story!  

I married the absolute love of my life on November 10, 2007 - I still get tears in my eyes thinking of that day!  I had waited my entire life to really fall in love with someone...we all have those young relationships but they do not compare to the day you come to know the real thing. 

It was my Junior year at Texas A&M (whoop!!) and I was living in the most fabulous "dorm" you can imagine thanks to the generosity of my mama - let's just say it was hardly a dorm, it was a luxury vacation for a year.  Maybe that is why my grades weren't so wonderful at the time!  Anyway, I remember when I first saw Drew P.  I was at the pool with my BEST friend and he was there with his friends.  He happened to be rocking the shaggy hair style at the time and had been swimming underwater and came up next to our group unknowingly and with his hair all in his face.  I laughed and told him he looked like a Beatle (Love is All You Need)!  haha - still makes me laugh!  That is when it all started...to make this shorter and half-way readable we were never apart after that and I knew from that day on that no one else could ever make me as happy as he did and still does!


I had just gotten back from a ski trip with Drew's family and something strange was happening.  Everyone seemed to be overly busy and Drew was agitated and I thought for sure someone was mad at me or somebody else...little did I know.  

That night Drew took me to a wonderful restaurant on Main Street in Grapevine, TX...it was January 3rd and the street was still beautifully decorated from Christmas.  The restaurant was within walking distance and on the way home we stopped in a little white gazebo all lit up with tiny white lights - I wondered if he was going to propose but no, we kept walking after that. (Can you tell I was in anticipation??) 

When we finally got home, I noticed everyone was gone - the only light I saw was candle light.  Drew led me to the parlor in his parents' beautiful home and I couldn't believe what I saw!  The ENTIRE room was decorated with Stargazers (my all time favorite flower) and TONS of candles.

Here is another weird fact about me: I had always wanted to have a "balloon drop" at some random occurrence...boy, did I get one!  When I looked up, there was tons of pink tulle holding white balloons - a pink bow was holding it all together.  Drew reached up and pulled the bow loose and all of the balloons fell except for one which had THE RING tied to it!  The rest is history!  He is and will always be my best friend!

A picture that Drew P painted for me - it was hanging in the parlor.  

The balloons before they fell (Thanks Ellie for the picture)

The last remaining balloon with the ring!

He is my Sweet Thing!  If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!  It is perfect for Valentine's Day and if you end up doing this let us know by leaving a comment so we can get filled in on YOUR love story!

OK...I promise that this is the end of my lovey dovey writing...Happy Thursday!


Alright ya'll - I don't know what's wrong with me.  If you have been reading the last few posts you have definitely gotten the point that I am sick, but NEVER have I had a flu/cold like this!!  I missed work Monday and Tuesday and then went back yesterday.  I felt OK, but not great...I decided to take some NyQuil last night to help me sleep but it had the opposite reaction...I slept horribly, had a fever all night and then woke up feeling even worse than I have throughout this whole ordeal.  ARRRRHHHH!  I am determined to get better...today I am home sick yet again.  Wow.

Three Things:

#1.  My wonderful friend from high school finally started her own blog!!  Yay!  She is one of the funniest people I have ever known and much of our after school dance practices were spent laughing about random and ridiculous things.  Check her out - she is hilarious!  Small Town Girl!

#2.  It is almost Valentine's Day and I have come to a revelation - Drew and I will be having a wonderful dinner AT HOME this year!  We had reservations at an amazing restaurant but then I found out that they would be serving a limited menu and after being sick all week, the last thing I want to do is brave the crowds.  Stay tuned for what I will be *attempting* to cook!

#3.  If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my *VS mini-giveaway* - I'll be picking the lucky lady very soon!!

XOXO  Have a fab non-sick day!

Please pardon all typos - this was typed was a flu ridden sickie!

February 10, 2009

Let's Get Some Shoes!

I found the cutest shoes!  Did I mention that they are made of chocolate??  Yum!!  They can be found at Gayle's Chocolates.  So cute...

Summer on the Brain

I cannot wait for summer to get here - I like it to be hot, hot, hot outside! As I mentioned yesterday, I have already begun my search for this year's swimsuit additions.  I don't really need any new bathing suits but that won't stop me from picking up just a few more...  :)

Bathing suit season can be scary but this year I feel a little more prepared thanks to Weight Watchers!  I am still about 5 pounds from my goal weight but that is very attainable given that it is only February and I have been losing about 1.5 - 2 pounds per week.  I might readjust my goal weight when I get there but it feels so good not to be so worried about the damn bathing suit. 

While continuing my online shopping due to an extreme cold or whatever it is, I have been fixated on a few little suits from VS - now if I could just have the body to match!

I love this one - patterned tops with basic bottoms = fabulous!

Here it is in *pink*!

I have always loved little black bikinis - it's like summer's version of the little black dress!  I have yet to actually buy one, but this year it's on!

Ahhhh, love them!  I can't wait to actually order them.  Every year my friends and I go float the river and we always have extreme fun.  I take that back - last year was fun but I ended up taking a small "nap" for four hours during the best part of the evening.  Someone thought it would be hilarious to bring a bag, yes a bag, of Franzia along for the river float - the goal was to pass the bag o' wine around and everyone would share it every now and then.  Every now and then turned into me holding the bag for my own, hence the four hour "nap."  Oh, the embarrassment!  Haha!

What else is on my summer list?  St. Tropez of course!  This is the best self tanner ever - I can't get in the sun and bake myself like I used to!!  You should try it...

Cheers to a HOT and FABULOUS summer!!


Bag Love

Just Moi and The Life and Times of Team Taylor both tagged me in some fabulous fun that is all about purses!  This is much needed entertainment for me since I am STILL sick (worse than yesterday) and the hubby must go to work...this equals extreme boredom.  Anyhow, let's roll! 

The Unbreakables:

*Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late.  You CANNOT sneak into your closet and pull out some cute little things - we want to know the purse you last carried.  No cheating!

*List how much it cost - this is not to judge but for entertainment only.  If there is a fabulous story to go along with your fabulous purse, let us hear it!

*Tag some lucky ladies to participate and then link back to this post.

Let's get to it...up top is my current lovie (my camera is currently broken so a web pic will have to do)!  I am usually a total Coach lover but lately I have wanted something a little different on my arm hence the Dooney and Bourke.  I had been eyeing the large hobo-type version and that is exactly what I got for my birthday from my sweet DrewP.  I am so not an advocate of mentioning prices but I guess for this, I can make an exception and give an estimate - around $300.  I will say however, some of the cutest purses EVER are more on the cheaper side but that doesn't stop me from loving my usuals.  Furthermore, it sure doesn't stop me from wanting the lovely Pink Coach listed in an earlier post...a mere $700!

Who shall I pass thing along too??  I will only pick my five newest followers!!

Thanks Ladies!


February 09, 2009

Martini Monday - For Lovers!

First of all, if you haven't entered yet, be sure to enter my Victoria's Secret *mini-giveaway* - that is IF you like *sexy little things*...

Yay!  It is yet again Martini Monday and since this is Valentine's Week, I picked some sensational, love provoking goodies.  These would be perfect for couples to share but maybe even better for those of you who might be planning a girls night out for Valentine's Day!  Let's do it!

#1 is the fantastic White Chocolate Raspberry Martini - it really is a dream if you like dessert martinis!  This baby packs a punch for anyone with a sweet tooth by combining 1 oz. white chocolate liqueur, 1 oz. regular chocolate liqueur, a few ounces of half-and-half depending on how creamy you like it, and of course a little raspberry vodka.  Garnish with some raspberries and you are on your way to a delicious treat!

#2 is a the Chocolate Lovers Martini and it is made with about 2 ounces of creme de cacao, a little Bailey's Irish Cream, and about 1.5 ounces of vanilla vodka (less if you don't want to fall out in the floor right away).  The secret to this one is to make the swirls on the glass with chocolate syrup BEFORE pouring in the actual drink.  Shave a little chocolate on top and you are golden.  Yum!

#3 is the Cosmic Valentine Martini - this one is a little lighter so you can definitely have a few of these if you want ;).  Use your favorite Strawberry Cosmo recipe (mine takes strawberry vodka (Stoli), Triple Sec, a little cranberry juice and a dash of lime) but top it off with some muddled strawberries and then either a splash of Prosecco or champagne!!  

The cool thing about this one is that you could substitute any *love* colored martini - pink, red - and still make it extra special with the addition of the bubbly!  This one just might be a new fave!

Here's to a fabulous V-Day, no matter how you spend it!  Enjoy!