January 18, 2009

Tell Me (no) Lies

Yay!  Thank you to Holly for the Honest Scrap!  Holy cow butt, now I have to be honest!!  ;)

So, check out the rules...#1.  You have to chose a minimum of 7 fabulous blogs to pass this goodie onto...#2.  Post the fabulous blogs of your choice as a link on your blog...AND #3.  List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

Picking the blogs I love will be easy, but finding 10 honest things about myself that I haven't already shared, not so much!  Hmmmm, here goes:

#1.  When I decide that I want something, I usually go buy it right then and there.  I do not take into account whether we have enough money for it nor do I think about if I really need the item about to be purchased.  In fact, I seldom really NEED the chosen item but that doesn't subtract any of my want for that thing.  This applies mainly to things that I want to decorate the apartment with and rarely applies to shoes, purses or anything like that.  That should make me feel a little better, right??  Sometimes this "disorder" applies to animals which drives DP to the loony house.  One time I brought a stray cat home from work after giving zero thought to it actually living in our apartment.  Not to mention, I already had one cat at home.  Oh well, they are friends now!

#2.  I like to put half-and-half in my cereal.  Gross, I know.  It is soooo bad for you but also soooo delicious to my soul.  The strange thing is, I don't really like milk AT ALL but give me the opportunity to have some half-and-half (H-A-H) and I will most certainly indulge.  It all started when I was a child and my Mimi would let me drink the little one serving H-A-H's at the table of any restaurant.  My mom only let this occur because there were a few months when I refused to eat for some reason.  Kids!

#3.  I peed in my pants in the third grade.  I still remember my teacher - Mr. Kincaid.  This is how it went down.  We were learning how to count money and I kept raising my hand to go to the restroom.  Needless to say, he never called on me which caused my cute little 3rd grader bladder to give up on me in the middle of the class.  Luckily, no one noticed at first and then to my surprise, a little girl named Vanessa raised her hand and told Mr. Kincaid that she had saved some lemonade from lunch and had spilled it all over me.  I will never know if he believed her, but the other kids sure did and I was saved!  How sweet is that?  God bless her wherever she is!

#4.  My mom and I blew up the fish tank when I was a kid.  My mom and dad had just gotten divorced and he hadn't moved all of his stuff out yet.  That left my mom and I to take care of his "prized" aquarium.  There were certain fish in there that required the tank to have a heater - my mom and I had no idea what temperature to set it to so we just cranked it up.  We ended up forgetting about the damn thing and we went to sleep; soon after we had a rude awakening.  There was a HUGE bang and the next thing we saw was smoke coming out of the attic so my mom called 911 thinking that the house was on fire.  The firemen showed up and discovered that the fish tank had been blasted to smithereens.  I always hated that thing anyway.  

#5.  I gag when I do the dishes.  It completely and utterly grosses me out and for no good reason.  This leaves my sweet DP to do them most of the time.

#6.  I love to take pictures but usually end up deleting most of them because I think my face looks fat or that my teeth are too big.

#7.  I crack up every time I see a car/truck/vehicle that is "tricked out."  This includes custom paint, hilarious rims that couldn't have been bought anywhere besides Wal-Mart, hydraulics or any other insane addition.  I literally laugh until I cry...I hope I haven't offended anyone.

#8.  Every time I say "I won't drink too much," I drink too much.  End of story.

#9.  I am sometimes unnecessarily afraid of driving.  I have anxiety attacks about accidents, hitting unseen animals, running out of gas, blowing a tire - you name it, I worry about it.  What to do?

#10.  I love when people tell stories and insert their own sound effects into the story line.  I have a bad habit of doing this but to me, a story isn't a story without sound effects.  The thought of this very thing is making laugh just while writing about it.  ;)

Phew!  Now to choose some fabulous blogs!  

The chosen ones:

The Mrs. at Simple Yet Classic
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Now it is time for some honesty!  



Mommy In Pink said...

LOL! I can relate to 1, 6 and 7...we are so much alike! I laugh at every tricked out car too...point, laugh..you name it...it's so funny!

Kelly Marie said...

I sooo relate to #1. I will add something to my on-line cart and then close my eyes and press "Purchase" without looking back. I guess closing my eyes means that my bank account isn't draining...

Anonymous said...

#2!! I thought I was the only one who drank those half and half things at restaurants when I was a kid. Half and half in my cereal doesn't sound too bad!

And number 5! I HATE DESPISE LOATHE the feel of food becoming mushy in the sink. Touching people's bacteria-y utensils and plates gross me out. I wear thick yellow gloves if I have to wash the dishes by hand, no joke.

Em said...

Ha! We really are A LOT alike! This made me laugh out loud a few times... mainly because it is sooooo me!

The Blonde Duck said...

My sister gags when she does the dishes too. That's really funny.

My mom had a fishtank in the fireplace growing up. For some reason, fish kept disapearing with no other pets in the house. I think my dad was literally fishing...

. Becca . said...

Wait, are you my long lost twin? I LOVE half and half, freak out about driving at times, an 100% disgusted by dirty dishes, even mine or my sons, and chewed up food, delete 90% of my pics and adore stories w/ great sound effects. I've taken the "I'm never drinking again!" vow more times than I'd like to admit. Charleston is the best place to find amazingly (??) tricked out cars.

I've never blown up a fish tank though. Or even known anyone who has. Lol! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!! xx, Nina