January 16, 2009

Brain Lapse

Why the hell did I go to Pei Wei today? I have been doing so well on Weight Watchers and then the overwhelming desire to have Spicy Chicken took over my brain. Looks like I will be spending the night in the gym! Joy! At least it is FRIDAY! My mom is going to New York for the weekend and I am oh so jealous…minus the extreme temperatures that they will be experiencing.

I can’t believe it but my mom and step-dad are celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary this month. I still remember the day that got engaged…it was Christmas. My step-brother and I had opened all of our presents when my step-dad walked in and said that there was one more big present hidden under the tree. Yay! Of course we thought it was going to be something radical for us…but no. It was an engagement ring for my mom (insert disappointed cartoon noise here). My step-brother and I were really upset because we thought if our parents got married, they would inevitably forget about us and we would be forced to live out on the streets – oh to be a kid again. I ran upstairs to my bedroom in tears and my step-bro followed close behind, in a pair of underpants alone. He had a habit of running around in nothing but tighty whities – you would have thought he might dress up a little for Christmas but it was not the case; after all, he was only nine.

Eventually we got over it and were excited for our parents to get married. In fact, in the following years we would get scared every time we thought they were going to get divorced. We would write each other letters saying how we would “cry all day if we couldn’t be brother and sister anymore.” We were both insane back then, but hey, we survived! ;)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend – go do something fun and if you are in Texas, enjoy the beautiful weather!!  It will be summer and 100 degrees before you know it - sooo excited about beach weather!  The picture at the top always makes me miss the ocean!

Anyone have any fun plans??


jlc said...

Minus the extreme temperatures indeed!!

Thanks for the comment!! Why yours ain't so shabby either. I think I JUST might have to become a new reader. ;-)

Mommy In Pink said...

I wish the weather was nice here...it's like -15 below...Ouch! I hate winter!

The Mrs said...

That picture is very cute!
Don't worry about one off meal. It can actaully help your diet to have one splurge meal a week. It keeps your body guessing instead of getting use to lower calories and now hopefully you satisfied your craving!

Anonymous said...

picture= adorable! makes me want one just like it with my guy :)

and agree with The Mrs. not only does it keep your body guessing but allowing yourself to have one splurge a week can actually keep you following through on your diet. its like giving yourself a reward so you don't get frustrated and give up. at least this is what i have heard and continue to keep telling myself when i splurge a little :)

The Hall Family said...

awww i didnt know that story about how your mom and kevin got engaged! bet they wished for a better reaction lol! how sweet...congrats to them on their anniversary!

i wish we could have summer without humidity...

love you!