January 06, 2009

Liquid Love

I finally found a lotion that I like.  You have no idea what I have been through in my quest for the perfect lotion...if you look under my bathroom sink at any given time, there may be 10 or so partially used lotions.  There are a few things that might have happened with the rejects.  Maybe they smelled good at first, but I eventually realized that they stunk if you were to put on a whole body's worth.  Or maybe they smelled really good but didn't moisturize like I wanted it to.  OR, my favorite, they didn't smell good OR moisturize which means to me that they should be destroyed altogether.  What to do?

Aveeno=Love!  I love their line of firming lotions.  I am not quite sold on the firming aspect but it has some serious moisturizing skills.  As I am writing this I am thinking, "Why would anyone care about this?" and the answer is, they wouldn't!  But I do and I will tell you why - I despise that feeling when you wash your hands and it feels like your skin is going to peel off.  Example: I always have some kind of hand lotion at my desk at work.  One day after washing my hands I trotted back to my desk to pour on the lotion when to my horror it was missing.  One kind of thief would do this?  Oh well - I would just go back to the bathroom and use the lotion in there.  Except for that there wasn't any and why would there be??  I asked around for the remainder of the day and no one had any lotion.  I eventually had to leave the office to go pick some up.  I couldn't go on.  That is why I love lotion - the very avoidance of that particular feeling is enough to make my day.

Now that I have exposed another one of my quirks, I feel I should end this post before I expose any more of my strangeness.  Today was a weird kind of fun - no particular reason but I was just happy.  I hope you were too.  Oh and as always, feel free to leave comments about this so I don't feel so alone in my quest for the perfect product!


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Kelly Marie said...

I too hate un-lotioned hands. My biggest problem however is that I cannot mix whatever perfume I am wearing with another scent. ie: vanilla+floral, floral+baby-ish, etc. It drives me insane. I usually end up either going with dry hands and smelly good perfume, or lotioned hands and a generic lotiony aroma. UGH!