January 19, 2009

Wiggin' Out

Today I felt like wearing a wig.  I don't know if there was extreme humidity or what but my hair was giving me one hell of a time.  I fixed it every possible way I could think of and it simply revolted against all my efforts.  I left it down, put it up, put it half up...etc.  Yow.

Today I also realized that I cannot iron clothes.  I got out the ironing board, iron (that I paid way too much for and never use) and the chosen articles of clothing and at the end of it all, my cute pink button-up looked worse than it did when I started.  How can I learn how to iron?  Is there some online video that can cure this for me?  I certainly hope so because my current skills are just not going to cut it!

Today was a wonderful Monday - I stuck to my Weight Watchers and had a pretty good day at work.  BUT...tomorrow will be the ultimate temptation.  Mexican Food!!  One of our vendors at work is providing lunch for the entire corporate office and better yet, it is being catered by one of the best Mexican restaurants in town.  Is it realistic that I will not partake in the wonder that is chips, salsa and fajitas?  No.  Will I even attempt not to eat it?  No.   I can say, however, that I will not overindulge...I will have a reasonable amount of food and no more.  Yum...

I hope everyone has a fantastic evening, I'm going to go look up Ironing 101.



Em said...

I am HORRIBLE at ironing as well! I manage to iron in bigger, worse wrinkles that what were there to begin with! Sadly... my solution to this problem... dry cleaners. lol
P.S: I GUESS I can forgive you for being an aggie! :o)

amelia said...

thanks for checking out my blog! yours is so cute! i LOVE the background!

also...ironing stinks! (my solution has just been to buy only things that i can toss in the dryer on low to de-wrinkle! :)

Kmart said...

I ironed today. I HATE it. I only had enough energy for my shirts, and made my boy do his own.