February 09, 2009

Silly Sickness

This silly cold/flu thing will not leave my body!  I have blasted it with water, Emergen-C, regular vitamins, sleep - nothing works!  I guess I will just have to ride it out and hope that I feel better soon.

Despite being sick, I can't wait any longer to catch up on everyone's blogs and I even have an update to share.  Remember Mascara Mayhem?  Well, I got so many great suggestions but the product that was most suggested is the one I tried first and I absolutely love it!!  I started with Voluminous in Blackest Black, with the curved brush of course, and I got both volume and length - love it!  After this tube, I might try the Dior Show since that one got a lot of votes as well!  Thanks to everyone who shared their favorites!

Try this if you haven't already!!

Being sick happens to allow extra time for online shopping - what are the main items on my must-have shopping list?  I'll tell ya...

1.  Bathing suits
2. Shoes - both heels and wedges
3. Cute shorts that are not too casual

...and of course the usuals that I am always shopping for...

4. New makeup finds

I found this little set at Sephora under the Valentine's Day section...each little piece has its own rather sensual little name so you should check it out.  

Why, oh why, am I so addicted to lip gloss??

Does anyone have suggestions on where to find cute things that fit into the categories above?

I think I have the shoes covered, but I can't find any shorts that I like - I am looking for shorts that are not TOO SHORT, not too casual which seem to be hard to come across these days!

I can't wait to here your suggestions!!  It's almost summer - yahoooo!!


capperson said...

Thats what it reminded me of also..lol..exspecially since I never finished writing my own bucket list..lol
You should do it :)

. Becca . said...

Yeah! I adore Voluminous! I need to get more, actually :)

Have a great week!

kellymarie said...

Nars _ _ _ asm is amazing! ha-ha

I bought some bermuda shorts from j-crew. I heart them!

d.a.r. said...

Victoria's Secret actually has some wickedly cute (and not terribly expensive) bathing suits this spring! I am salivating over several of them!!

Jamie said...

Such a great mascara choice :) I'm so glad you like it! Doesn't the curved brush make such a difference? Can't wait to hear how you like Dior Show if you get it.

Em said...

Bathing suits - Target always as cute ones and they are well priced so you can get more... however they don't always fit me real well. Victoria's Secret also has VERY cute suits and has more options on fits. I actually got a suit at Macy's last year. It's made by O'Neill and probably fits me better than any other suit I've had.

Shoes - there surprisingly aren't any I am lusting over at the moment... that probably has something to do with temporary jobless hubs.

Shorts - JCrew for sure. They carry 3 different lengths. I can usually find a pair or two at Old Navy as well.

I'm so glad you love Voluminous! It's my ole trusty! :o)

jane in the waiting line said...

I love shorts from J-Crew and Express. Both have great length options! Happy shopping!

Good Gals Inc said...

I have the blush from that set!!!! The name is fabulous!!!! Glad you could shop to ease your sickness!! Sorry you are still sick!!

Heather said...

So glad you like the mascara! It's Gods gift to women! And good shorts are either Old Navy or Express :) happy shopping! get to feeling better

Jules said...

I love NARS products and some of the names for their items crack me up.
This set is a great find.

Chanel Fashionista said...

old navy has some cute shorts. . for cheap!