February 02, 2009

Martini Monday!!

Man, I need a martini after my last post!  Zowie!  Today I picked two off-the-wall martinis since I am in an off-the-wall mood.  The first one is the Mexican Martini and it is a far cry from your normal everyday martini mixer.  In fact, it has zero vodka and a pretty darn good amount of tequila.  There is a restaurant in Austin, Texas (ATX=fun) called Trudy's and they are famous for their Mexican Martinis.  They go a little something like this...

*2 ounces of tequila (more if your name is Ashley, Jennifer or Kelly)  ;)
*1-2 ounces cointreau 
*1-2 ounces Sprite or sweet and sour
*1 ounce OJ
*another sprinkle of tequila and some lime juice
(feel free to throw in the olives but I happen to DESPISE them)  Yum...can you tell I like tequila?

The second pick is the Peach Kiss Martini - I have only had this one one time but it was very delicious.  This one has Absolute Mandarin vodka, peach schnapps and a little splash of either grenadine or cranberry juice.  I opt for grenadine any day!

Let me know if you ever try any of the Martini Monday picks - I would love to hear which ones you like best!  I already have next week's pick in my brain for Valentine's Day!  It is fab fo sho!



Jules said...

The peach martini looks delicious!

Caitlyn said...

Ahh your martini monday posts make me wish that my 21st isn't still 4 months away!

jlc said...

Wow I could totally use one of those right now!!

Mrs. D said...

I'm not sure what part of TX you live in but if you are ever in Ft. Worth, you HAVE to go to 8.0 Restaurant & Bar downtown. Their martinis are the best I have ever had! My favorite is the Birthday Cake martini and now I really want one! haha.. your martini monday posts are going to be torture for me! Here's the website so you can check out the martini list. They have a pretty good variety I think. :)


Lindsey said...

The peach kiss looks delish!!!

d.a.r. said...

Oh yum the peach one looks delish! I love martinis! Dirty Martinis. Lemon Drops, peach...oh yum!

Amanda Joy said...

Hey Ashley, I changed the name of my blog, so you may need to add me again. The old link "Spilling It... Blog Style" doesn't work anymore. Figured I'd keep you updated! :)


Nicoolmama said...

Yummy! The peach kiss martini sounds SO good! Too bad I am preggo and can't consume it...

Sorry about your headache- I get them frequently and they are NO FUN!
Complete quiet works for me- no tv, no music, no kids screaming( I always have to enlist my husband's help for the last one).
Good luck!!!