February 23, 2009

Feline Fiasco and Misc. Mer!

Holy cow!  I cannot believe that 80 of you lovely ladies are following MY blog - I am so overly flattered, you have no idea!!  I am soooo not cool enough for that but I thank you so much for reading!!  I always look forward to blogging and ya'll make it even more fun!  THANK YOU!  

Hey ya'll!  I came home to yet another massacre, courtesy of my cats.  It seems as though they couldn't wait until someone got home to fill up their food bowl, so they took it upon themselves to bite open their new bag of food which I shamefully left sitting in the living room floor.  My bad!  They have BOTH been doing some rather strange things lately and I don't quite know what to make of it.  For example:

*Grenade loves to pull my hair and will go to any length to make this possible.  Sometimes he attacks my pony tail while I sleep - other times he is so bold as to do this while I am awake.  I usually sit in the floor with my back up against the couch when I am on my laptop (the big couch is light colored and I don't like anyone, including myself, to sit on it...haha) which allows Grenade to climb on the couch and proceed to bite my hair.  Why, I ask?

*Biscuit likes to sleep in the window sill but only if the blinds are closed.  I am afraid she is going to ruin the blinds so sometimes I lift them a little so she can easily access her lounging spot - this only causes her to refuse her normally inviting window sill and will only attempt to access this area once I have closed the blinds therefore wreaking havoc upon my once unbent shades.

*BOTH of them HATE the vacuum, yet continuously make messes that require me to get it out.  Pavlov's dogs learned association and classic conditioning, why can't Porter's cats?

*Grenade will not stop shredding the toilet paper - I have hid it, begged him to stop and have even tried bribing him.  Nothing works.  Touche.

After all of this, you would think I would be ready to kick them out but no - I am a hopeless lover of animals.  You have won, cats, you have won.

Now, for something fabulous that you MUST check out.  A blog friend of mine (who happens to have the most beautiful family EVER) just started her own stella & dot shop and is holding a giveaway in honor of her new beginning!  Head on over to her blog and check it out - you will be so happy you did!  She has great party planning ideas for little ones, the best fashion advice and just an overall wonderful personality that comes through in all of her posts!  Check her out at Miscellaneous Meredith!!

Have a wonderful evening...stay tuned for Martini Monday!!  XOXO


Carissa said...

I can totally relate to you kitty chaos. Except mine comes courtesy a rambunctious pooch. She definitely likes to do whatever SHE wants to do, no matter how many times you say no. The other day I came home to find my work papers in shreds on the floor in the living room and the office. Somehow she opened the door while to the office while I was out.... She also likes to tear up toilet paper!! and she sleeps on my (and my boyfriend's) head at night. Ah, pets :) I am a cat lover too, for the record.

Good Gals Inc said...

I cam relate to your kitty issue. Whenever I leave anything on the floor that could be somewhat edible, my dog Yankee eats ANYTHING!!! So I feel ya! Congrats on the 80 followers!!! You are so cool enough! We love your blog

Mrs. D said...

I can relate you your bad cat syndrome. I too, have a VERY BAD cat! I actually have 3, but 1 has been acting out lately. Today I caught him sitting on top of the entertainment center checking out our new $300 Seth Thomas call clock. I just about freaked because 1. cat's are not allowed on the hard surfaces and 2. that is a $300 clock that Mr. D's dad gave us for Christmas.. are you kidding me?!
You are not alone in this boat! Good luck with the toilet paper situation. As for the hair chewing.. I have a cat that does that too.. maybe it's a cat thing. I dunno!

The Hall Family said...

oh my God, that was so funny! They are crazy! they must start plotting weeks in advance and flip and coin for which disaster to practice on you! haha!

Miss. Pretty said...

I hear ya..
i found my precious kitten 6 weeks ago. I've mentioned a few things she's done on my blog, read fall in the toilet. But lately she gets up between 5-7 and loves to swat at my face and LITERALLY sit on my face while I'm asleep. Don't get me started on the window and how I've had to hang back up my curtains 3 times now!! But I LOVE HER

Anonymous said...

I feel you. No matter what they do they're such cutie patooties! :)

Anonymous said...

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