March 16, 2009

Martini Monday - St. Patty's Day Edition!

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So this week's Martini Monday post is geared toward St. Patrick's Day so of course I chose three beautifully green cocktails!

This first one is so pretty because of the little garnish that accompanies the martini.  This, ladies, is the Guava Martini!  It is another delicious, yet very sweet, little drink but I am in love with it because I drink guava juice even on its own.  This one takes vodka, guava juice, a little raspberry liqueur and some fresh lemon juice.  Garnish the glass with a slice of star fruit if you can find it.  I always find them at places like Whole Foods.  Yum and so pretty!

Of course I couldn't pass up the Apple Martini.  There are a few ways to make this one depending on your taste:

*If you like a Sour Apple Martini - 1 part vodka, 1 part sour apple Pucker, 1 part apple juice (sometimes I add some sprite/club soda to thin it out and add some fizz!)

*If you like a more natural apple flavor - 1 part green apple vodka, 1 part melon liqueur, 1 part apple juice

*If you like extra sweet (and are BRAVE), you can try the Baked Apple Pie Martini - equal parts apple Pucker and vanilla vodka - add a little Goldschlagar, a little ButterShots and garnish the rim with cinnamon and sugar - like I said, it takes a brave soul!  Consume responsibly, haha!!

Last, but not least, the Pear Martini!  I have had several versions of this one but there is one that I always revert to according to my own taste.  This one is a little bit more specific than most of the martinis I post, but I think it is worth it! 

 - For multiple martinis - 
*4 ounces Grey Goose La Poire vodka (this is about the one and only time that brand matters.   There are others out there but this one is THE BEST!)
*2 ounces apple juice
*1 oz Disaronno
*1 oz simple syrup

Important step - don't mix the apple juice with the other ingredients in the martini shaker.  Instead, pour the juice into your glass first and then strain the other ingredients (after shaking) over the already poured apple juice!  

You can add in a little pear syrup (from the can) if you have it.  Garnish with sliced pear and enjoy it!

I hope you have a wonderful evening and an even better St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!!  Don't forget to wear green!!



prettyface said...

Man, I love my some apple martini's!! All of those sound good, but I'm not a great mixologist, so mine never turn out how I imagine they should taste. LOL probably all in my mind.

Mrs. D said...

I'm on twitter too! I just started following you :)

Rob and Amy said...

I think I'm drunk just from reading!!!!! YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

jlc said...

I LOVE Appletini's. Great post!!

Niki said...

Those all look amazing!! Have a great St. Patty's day!

Jules said...

They all look delicious, especially the pear martini! I found you on Twitter and I'm following you. I'm ChicnPink on there :)

Anonymous said...

mmmm Appletini's are my fave!
I'm following you on twitter! :)

Anonymous said...

mmmm Appletini's are my fave!
I'm following you on twitter! :)

. Becca . said...

Oooh, I just started Twittering. It's weird, eh? Lol!

Those drinks look delish. I'm SO angry because I had to start antibiotics and I can't have a single darn green drink tomorrow, other than green water, and WHO would want that!? Lol! Kick one back for me :)

Channa said...

I am going to have to check out this Twitter.

Just Moi said...

No a 'Twitterer'?! Err.

Anyway, all of those Tini's sound delish and now.. I'm thirsty!

My name is Megan... said...

yum! I need a drink!

Good Gals Inc said...

Great looking drinks!!!! I found you on twitter!!!!

a H.I.T. said...

Yummm.... I love pear and apple martinis. :) The Guava one sounds delish too. I'll definitely have to check out next time we're mixing up some fun.

BeeHappy said...

I twitter and am following you now:

BLC :o said...

That looks WAY better than green beer. Also, I wanted to let you know I tagged you for the Kreativ Award. Xoxo-BLC

April said...

Hi Ashley - I added you on my Twitter ... I am just getting back into it myself.
Thanks for pairing me up with such a sweet martini glass swap partner - it was a fun swap! I posted pics on my blog. :o)

Anonymous said...