March 07, 2009

Check these out!!

It is an unbelievably gorgeous day here in Texas and I can't wait to get outside and do some fun stuff today!!  It is perfectly sunny and 75 degrees...yay!  Before I go out for the day, I wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend - go do something FUN!!

A couple of things:

Don't forget to sign up for the *Martini Glass Swap* - you have until Monday, March 9!  I'll be posting the partners during the weekly (and hotly debated) Martini Monday post!  I can't wait to pick the teams.  My goal was to have 50 participants and right now we have 36 so if you know anyone who wants to join in the fun, let them know that they have until Monday!

Also, don't forget to sign up for the *Secret Swoozie Giveaway* which ends on March 11!

Last thing and then I am off!  I love so many, many blogs out there (too many to name) but I have two blogs in mind that are strictly wonderful that I want you all to check out.  The two ladies that author these blogs are real life high school friends of mine and they are both incredible women.  Check them out!!!

Miscellaneous Mer and The Tichenor Family Blog are both written by Mer.  She has incredible fashion sense and finds the most *awesome* deals and sales.  Most importantly, she is a mommy to a sweet little one and you can tell that she would give anything for her family!

The Hall Family Spot is written by Stacy and she again, is an incredible friend.  She also is a mommy to a sweet little one and she is just downright hilarious!  She happens to be my childhood BEST BEST BEST friend and I love her to the max!

OK...Have a good one!!



jlc said...

Have a great weekend!!

The Hall Family said...

can you see me blushing from where you sit?? hahaha!!! you are so sweet! and so loved by me!! have a blessed day! and tag, youre it on a story from when we were little. I need to brainstorm on that one.

The Hall Family said...

nevermind. i think i will start. we can do top 5 most embarassing stories!