March 04, 2009

Giveaway Central!

There are amazing giveaways going on all over the place - the ladies of the blog world are very generous!

Mrs. Newlywed over at Misadventures of a Newlywed is hosting a very cute giveaway!! Check it out! Her blog is fabulous...
Channa over at Life as a Coaches Wife is holding a girl's night in giveaway! Check her out as well!
If you are *expecting* you should check out Amy's giveaway at From This Day Forward!

Don't forget to enter mine as well by clicking on the pink *A* at the top of my blog!! Last day to enter is March 11 at 10 am!!

*Update* Thank you to all of my followers - I can't believe I have 100 of them! Talk about pressure...just kidding! Ladies, you are all wonderful and I love ALL of your blogs! I am having so much fun meeting new people through all of this and hope to meet many more in the future! Have a great day!


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