March 11, 2009

Answers Round One!

Alright, so I am ready to fess up and start answering some of ya’lls questions! I will try my best to be interesting and avoid making this the most boring post in the history of the universe. Here we go!

d.a.r. asked:

Q: What is the most embarrassing moment that you and the hubby have shared?
A. This was a hard one!! I have had a ton of embarrassing things happen to me but Drew P rarely experiences the horror of public embarrassment so it was difficult to think of something that involved both of us. Here is what I came up with – In college, I lived with two other girls in a house and on weekends Drew would usually come stay with us (he went to a different college). One weekend we devised a plan to scare Drew in the middle of the night with the use of a ridiculous, yet somewhat scary (not really), Halloween mask. We had it all planned out – we would wait for Drew to fall asleep, I would scream from the living room and he would come running. As soon as we saw him come around the corner, my friend would come out in all black with the mask on and he would undeniably be scared, right? WRONG. It did not go as planned! He was scared but only for like half a second and then I was the one who looked insane for performing this ridiculous stunt. I am happy to say though that we used the mask on a few other people (most hilariously on our own roommate) so all was well on Magnolia Drive.


What about the time my Step-Dad performed the ENTIRE Thriller routine at our wedding reception?!?!?! That one is too funny to be embarrassing.

Q: Is there anything you wish you could change about your wedding?
A: Unfortunately, yes! I will preface this by saying that my wedding dress was beautiful and that I absolutely loved it…in theory. I fell in love with it the second that I tried it on and in fact, it was the very first dress I tried on. It was made completely of lace which for some reason made it *extremely* heavy which, for me at least, didn’t make for a perfect fit. As I have mentioned before, I am a little bigger on top (so funny to type) so a heavy dress with no straps made for a night of tugging at the dress to keep my boobs from falling out! I had it altered several times and made it as snug in the waist and ribs as possible – I thought if it fit well there it would kind of hold the rest of it up. Didn’t happen. Ladies – when you pick a dress, make sure you can move in it, dance in it etc. without having a wardrobe malfunction!! It was so bad that the photographer even snapped a picture of me while tugging on my dress – I almost had a full exposure!

Q: What is the one thing your friends do that drives you crazy?
A: This one is hard for me because I have such great friends that are pretty perfect if you ask me! Maybe I can alter this one a little and steer it toward co-workers rather than friends. Let’s see – one of the things that bothers me the most is *constant* complaining. I understand that everyone needs to vent once in a while, but if it gets to a point where ALL the person EVER does is complain…I will snap. I would rather live out on the streets than be subjected to a chronic complainer. We all have so much to be thankful for that I just can’t justify anyone’s need to complain about such small things – I want them to be happy, at least about SOMETHING! Just typing about it kills me…lol.

Q: Do you get along with your mom? Have you always, or has it changed as you’ve gotten older?
A: I do get along with my mom – she is a fabulous and incredibly strong woman. I struggled a lot with her growing up because I am her only child and she felt the need to always protect me (of course) which meant constant supervision and little to no freedom. I understand why she did this now that I am older and think about one day having kids of my own. She has such an extreme love for me that she just wants to take care of me the best she can. I will admit that I went a little wild in college but I think it was good for me. I was finally away from home and even though I had changed a little, I still knew my core values because of what she instilled in me. I have calmed back down now of course and really value my relationship with my mom. She only lives about fifteen minutes away from Drew and I so I love the feeling that I can go home any time I want but that I can still have my own space as well.

My mom and step-dad (probably right after his Thriller performance)

Q: Where do you hope to be in 10 years?
A: This, again, is a hard question for me. I have never been one to know exactly what I want at any given time. These are the things I know for sure – I want Drew in my life forever and EVER and I hope that within ten years we will be blessed with kids of our own. I want to be a successful person in the sense that I have done something in my life to serve my family and others rather then simply living for me. I want to follow God’s plan for me (whatever that might be) and I want to be happy while making those around me happy as well. I want to ALWAYS keep in touch with my college buddies and especially my *best* friends – it is hard to lose friends, for whatever reason. I still miss my childhood best friend every day!

Q: What is the biggest mistake you are afraid you are going to make in your life?
A: I am afraid that I will not be a good enough mom someday. I know that things fall in to place and you learn as you go but I am so afraid I will not be the perfect mom. Is there such thing? Maybe not. I realize more and more that parents have so much to do with how their children turn out when they are older – the values you choose to instill in your kids will shape the rest of their lives. Talk about pressure!!

xoxo sarahbeth asked:

Q: If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
A: How do I pick just one?!?! I will be a few…I would either want to be a strawberry or a coconut! I would be a strawberry because they are small and sweet and because you can dip them in chocolate, of course! I would MOST want to be a coconut because I could hang out at the beach endlessly and I would be the main ingredient in one of the most delicious drinks of all time. Wait…if people eat me, does that mean I’m…dead?

Q: If you were a tree, what would you be and why?
A: I would be a magnolia tree because they are totally southern and I think their flowers are amazing!

jane in the waiting line asked:

Q: What’s your favorite memory from your wedding?
A: I have two that really stand out in my mind so of course, indecisive me, I couldn’t pick just one! The first one is the very moment that I reached the bottom of the staircase and looked up to see Drew standing there at the altar. He looked like a perfect angel to me I had waited so long to become his wife. I was bawling from the first step I took…
The second one happened during the reception. Drew has an amazing group of friends and at one point the DJ played “Sweet Caroline” by request and all the guys got in a circle and lifted Drew up in the air. It was so strange yet so funny! They had the whole place laughing!

Q: What is your favorite thing about married life?
A: I love, love, LOVE the fact that I get to see Drew everyday, any time I want. We went to separate colleges and then afterward I moved back to Houston with my family and he lived in Dallas with his. It was not until we got married that we were finally able to live in the same town! It feels so good to know that every night we will come home from work and see each other – we don’t have to wait for the weekend or a holiday…nothing. I think this is why we never get sick of each other! ;)

Alright - that was harder than I thought!! I will answer more later!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Such a cute post! I am also prone to humiliating moments :)

PreppyGirl said...

Too cute! Your dress looks fantastic! I'll definitely have to remember those pointers someday though!

Chic Runner said...

I love the post! I love it when people answer questions because I feel like I am learning more about everyone! :)

With Love from New Orleans said...

Adorable! Loved this! I would be a Magnolia too!!

Gretchen and Jimmy said...

Loved learning more about you!!

d.a.r. said...

Love your answers!! Thank you so much for doing this, I feel like I know you more now!

jane in the waiting line said...

i am pretty impressed you step dad knows all the moves to thriller!

Leslie said...

This is too cute!!! Good questions, excellent answers. :)

The Schumachers said...

I can empathize with you on the wedding dress issues as I am big on top also. I too was almost popping out because as the night wore on my dress got looser and looser on top....which led to my bridesmaids and I in the bathroom with a STAPLER trying to staple my dress on the side to reign the girls in.;)

a H.I.T. said...

What an adorable post. I think most brides can sympathize with the dress. I wanted mine hemmed just a bit shorter, but the tailor convinced me it would be fine at the length she chose. Big mistake. Husby was stepping on my dress all night. I actually had to yell at him when he almost ripped it right off...not what you want on your wedding day. Ladies, make sure it's as short as YOU want it, forget what the tailor says.