June 15, 2008

Have No Fear....

“Even if your hands are shakin’, And your faith is broken,
Even as the eyes are closing, Do it with a heart wide open”

I am so proud of Drew. He is my inspiration….he lives with such a happy heart and an optimistic perspective, something I need more of in my life. He can make me laugh in the midst of my worst moments and reminds me constantly what it is to be loved unconditionally. I have no fear when it comes to him and no doubt that he will always be my safe place and point of encouragement. He has been wanting for something lately though…and I want more than anything for him to have it. He has a job much like many of us…it exists to pay the bills but there is no real passion behind it. Drew is very devoted to making it the best it can be but I can tell so easily it is not what he wants. He is one of lucky the ones….he has a talent so amazing that I believe it must be used and this is what I have been praying for everyday.

Drew is an artist at heart and his work is beautiful and the type that makes a person wish they could draw, paint, design, anything! I, for example, can only draw a stick figure and would never attempt anything past that. His degree is in the Arts field so he has spent many years perfecting his craft and I can see how happy it makes him when he is “creating.” We have been talking about this a lot lately and have both decided it is time for him to make the transition, take the jump if you will, toward a new career. It is scary at times to consider a change in any amount, but this time it will be worth it. I don’t know if he has decided on a particular path yet, but even the passion that he displays in talking about the next step inspires me. I worry about stability and having “enough” but when you think about it…God will provide. Now is the right time to start doing things with a heart wide open.

I look forward to the coming months when I can happily report about a new job for Drew. I know it will happen. Until then we will enjoy every minute of this journey and I will continue to be proud of him throughout.

Have no fear….do what you are passionate about and love those around you with all of your heart. It will make all the difference.


The Hall Family said...

awww...I want Drew to have "it" too!!! Change is so scary. i dont like change. its uncertain. BUT there are good things to come!! I know it!!

I went to dinner with Kelly and Chelsea last night and wished you were there too. we will have to do that all together soon! how fun would that be??!!

I love you always, and you both will have everything you need and want. your hearts are in the right place. xoxo

beautiful life. said...

Ashley, I love your blog! And this entry really touched my heart. I will definitely be praying for you two during this new and exciting time. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you two! ~ Anna