June 03, 2008

River Roundup

Oh, what a life! So I have to start by saying that I survived the Great River Float of ’08. Drew and I had such a genuinely amazing time with all of our friends (the best set of friend’s in the universe I might add). I am secretly wishing I could just become a full-time river floating expert but then again, that might take away some of the fun. I learned a few things from this mighty adventure…

1). Those Coach sunglasses that I adored…should NOT have been taken on the river.
2). Even if you have had a few (or more) drinks, it still hurts when you wipe out on jagged rocks
3). Franzia should be taken off the market
4). It’s not the end of the world if your husband loses his wedding ring in the rapids of the lovely Guadalupe.

That last one took a while to sink in. I realize that it was ridiculous to assume that the very ring I exchanged with Drew on our wedding day would live on forever, but some small part of me hoped it would. In reality, it can easily be replaced. I thought it was so cute how all of Drew’s friends (a great group of GUYS) were very linked in to our situation. Several of them commented how the ring doesn’t make the marriage and that the most important part is the way you love someone. See ladies…there ARE great guys out there. I can say that meant a lot to me. So, in the coming days I will need to make a trip to the jewelry store and buy a replacement. Men are rough on rings so maybe this time (at least for now) I will opt for a less expensive version of the original.

The best part of the entire week was being surrounded by great people. It is easy to feel a little lost in Houston without many of our friends, but every time we get the chance to meet up with them I am reminded just how blessed we truly are. These are the kind of friends that you can be away from for weeks or months but when you finally get together it just clicks back into place. I love re-living hilarious stories from the past…even if I have heard them far too many times. My friends and I are completely guilty of telling the same stories over and over and expecting people to laugh. The coolest part is that they do…every single time.

Needless to say, the river trip was a much needed getaway and I am so thankful that everyone got the chance to meet up again. Here’s to the next time….

“And DON”T bring the Franzia”

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