June 28, 2008

Sweet Escape

Well, Drew and I are finally home in the Sweet Land of Sugar after an amazing week away. We had such a blast. It seems like we did everything you could ever want to do on a beach trip from lounging on the beach to building sand castles. The ocean was so beautiful....even after as many times as I have been, I am still so amazed by the beauty of it all. The ocean seemed endless and as we sat on the perfect white sand, all we could see was fun in every direction. We stayed in an absolutely beautiful area....very unique. It was definitely a resort area but it was mostly made of of houses and not a lot of big condos or hotels and the best part is that it was right on the beach. I have a love for palm trees as I believe they sum up what "tropical" should be so I was excited to see that the beach was full of them.

In one of my earlier posts I wrote about how much I was looking forward to seeing my step-brother, Erik, and how much I was hoping we would get along. We did...we had a total blast together and everyone came out alive and with stories to tell. It is so cool to see him all grown up (even though it made me feel old) and I loved hearing all of his stories about the Army and so on. He definitely keeps us entertained to say the least.

This was also Drew's first vacation with my family and all I can hope is that he still loves me after the week of chaos that ensued. Don't get me wrong, the vacation was fun to the extreme...but everyone's family is a little crazy/weird/insane sometimes and mine is no exception. I am a total beach bum so getting me to participate in any beach-type sporting event is a stretch. I did pick up the Frisbee a few times, but outside of that my days were spent floating or swimming all while partaking in tropical drinks. That is my downfall. Then there was Erik, who is pale in the truest sense of the word so he either has to sit under an umbrella (where he somehow still gets burned) or wear layers upon layers of sunscreen accompanied by a T-shirt and hat. My step-dad, Kevin, had a motorcycle accident a while back so he was still out of commission for any beach sports. And then we have my mom....she is hilarious. She spent most of the vacation cleaning and shopping for everyone else and occasionally sitting down by the ocean with her wine. I love her but I wish she could learn to relax a little and ENJOY vacation!!! She deserves it. All that being said, I must repeat...I hope Drew still loves me and my crazy-A family. ;)

Anyway, I am exhausted and need immediate sleep. There is so much more to write about but I had to at least write a little. I am ashamed to say that I missed my blog...I need an intervention!

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The Hall Family said...

hahaha!!! you are so funny! im so glad you had fun! and I am glad you are home so we can hang out next weekend(?)

Talk to ya later and hope you get lots of good sleep!