June 04, 2008


Today I feel like eating a Pink Panther Bar. Anyone who has had one of these delicious treats knows how ridiculously refreshing they are…I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it…the pink ice cream, gumball eyes. Who am I kidding; I am probably the only person around this joint that has ever had one. The reason I want one is because they remind me of summer fun. The REAL kind of summer fun that you have when you are a kid and you wake up at the crack of dawn, play outside until someone physically makes you come in to eat dinner, and then go outside again until you fall asleep in the middle of swinging or playing four-square. Those were the days…

These days I am lucky if I have enough time on the weekend to spend even a few hours outside. It seems like I spend all week working and the weekends are reserved for cleaning the house, doing laundry and other even less exciting tasks. But not this weekend…I’m going to find a Pink Panther Bar. It’s almost scary, but the Ice Cream Man still makes his rounds in old Pecan Grove. It’s even scarier that it is the SAME Ice Cream Man that I remember as a child (or at least a relative of his because they look like they are on the same level of freakiness. Let’s just say I wouldn’t let any child of mine visit his treat truck without my immediate supervision.) I have heard reports that he sells the infamous bar that I am in search of so I might just take advantage of it and buy myself one. Drew will be supportive as he already knows of my love for strange and unusual ice cream bars. Once I went to Washington, D.C. with my mom and let me tell you, it was ICE COLD outside. In the midst of all the T-shirt and knock-of handbag stands, we came across a snack bar of some kind and guess what they sold?? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bars. I am ashamed to admit that I ate not one, but two. They weren’t as good as the PPB but much better than the Super Mario. If you are ever in the area, grab one and take it on your tour of the White House…you will be glad you did.


Kelly said...

I remember the PPB - I got those when I was a kid too!! I think there was a Tweety one...I loved them because of the gum ball eyes. haha


The Hall Family said...

I remember!!! We got those all the time, didn't we. Those are the warmest memories and the best night sleeps came from wearing ourselves out!! I am nostalgic being back in good ol PG!