July 15, 2008

Oh Grenade

I have a cat that is what you would call…BAD. He is not bad all the time but he picks and chooses when to be especially cruel. I guess I am making him seem worse than he really is. The truth is he is very cute, pretty well-behaved and over-all a pretty good cat. Despite all of this, sometimes he acts crazy and gets himself into quite a bit of trouble. His latest obsession is the toilet paper. It started a few weeks ago…I heard some noise in the night so I went to see what it was and low and behold, there was Grenade (this is what I get for naming him after an explosive) in the bathroom with a pile of white fluff surrounding him. I figured it was a one time deal and that it would stop but no, it has only gotten worse. For a while I left the TP on the roll but this only provoked him to unroll the entire “double roll” and blast it to smithereens. My next solution was to take it off the roll and set it on the counter but this only made him more interested so I started covering it with a towel and/or my Texans hat. This seemed to make it more fun for him…it was like he would scout out the bathroom until he came upon the toilet paper, devise a plan to get it into the floor and then rip it to shreds as usual. My third and final plan was to store it under the sink which is quite an inconvenience to Drew and I. HAHA! I finally stumped him….or so I thought. This morning when I went to get ready for work I discovered Grenade in the bathroom floor covered in TP shreds with the cabinet door wide open. Do you mean to tell me that a cat figured a way to open a door in order to ruin my bathroom and my pride? I have been outdone by a cat and it isn’t right. I took a picture of him in the act and he looked quite shocked to see me standing over him. I will have to post it later but for now I must go back to thinking of another solution. All I can do is laugh.


Harris Family said...

haha, that's hilarious. don't you love cat-proofing, in our case, baby proofing, things.

as i am typing this, sofia is standing next to me opening and shutting the drawers (that i am holding shut) trying to get a needle and thread. she's a sneaky one.

we won't be at riverpoint this weekend either but we will next week so hopefully, see you there. you can meet my little family!

Anonymous said...

why dont you try closing the door to the bathroom? even the sneakiest of cats can overcome that.