July 28, 2008

Forget you WebMD

Monday is not so bad this time around. Waking up was easier today than it should have been but maybe that was because I went to sleep last night at the ridiculous hour of 9:00 (I go to bed pretty early most of the time, but this was pretty extreme even for me.) I had been feeling like my body was revolting against me…I am always tired, my stomach hurts pretty much all the time, food doesn’t even sound good to me...so I felt like I should go to bed early last night. Being the anxious person that I am, I have incessantly logged on to WebMD to come up with a diagnosis but then I realized…I am just STRESSED OUT! There were a few times I thought I had actually come down with a rare disorder…WebMD is dangerous for people like me. With everything that has been going on lately I have just worn myself out so it must have done some good to get to sleep earlier than usual because today I feel pretty rested (which is not the same as saying that I am not worried, haha). Without giving specifics, I would ask that everyone send a few prayers toward Drew and I this week…nothing too serious, we just need God to carry us through a few things that are happening within the next few days.

I think it is crazy sometimes how OBVIOUS things can be yet we still choose to ignore them for whatever reason. Since Drew and I got married in November of 2007, we have been looking for a church home. My mom had suggested a church that is near where we live but for some reason we just never went. Then I got a comment on an earlier post that I wrote from a wonderful blog friend; she suggested the same church that my mom had mentioned. Drew and I decided to try it…our first week there was the first week of July. We absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go back…I hadn’t really ever felt “connected” to a church before. I liked the church I attended growing up, but it grew too fast and lost its personal touch. The next two weeks, we were out of town so we couldn’t attend but we returned yesterday and once again, we loved it. I can honestly say that I felt as if the message was directed toward the exact things that Drew and I have been going through…like it was specifically prepared for us to hear. God wants us at this church and I can tell a difference in myself after each time we go. I feel a sense of renewed hope and almost a sort of calm comes over me. I wish we could have seen this much sooner, but things happen in their own time and I feel blessed that I can see good things happening in our lives.

On a crazier note…I have become a huge fan of guava juice. I had gotten into the habit of drinking it quite often but had taken a break from it until yesterday. I don’t know why I like it so much but I have been thinking about it all day at work…I am so weird.

Also, my beautiful sister-in-law is expecting a sweet baby boy VERY soon. I can’t wait until he arrives and we will be praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. He is so lucky to become a part of such a wonderful family and he will have the cutest nursery on top of it, I can already tell. I can’t wait to report his arrival!

Anyway, I think that is all I have for now…I am still in the process of fixing up the look of the blog, I just haven’t had the time to complete it just yet. I hope all of you have a great day/week!!


Harris Family said...

hope you feel better...dare I ask: are you pregnant?!

i am so glad you guys are enjoying RiverPointe. Did I tell you that Ben Howard's sister in law is the blond in the band? She is an A-MAZING singer. I get teary eyed listening to her.

We will be back the weekend of the 8th. Syd and I are going on a Mexican getaway this weekend. Pray for Sosa!

Hope you feel better!

The Hall Family said...

Hope you feel better soon! It is a stressful time right now for us too. But i trust that everything will be back on track soon!!

Have a great week!

Megan said...

Hope you feel better, Ashley!!!