July 14, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday Drew! As of yesterday my hubby is 25 years old, a quarter of a century. Austin sure offered a nice break from the stresses of work and home and we had an absolute blast! We had been planning this birthday trip for over a month and it seems like it took forever to come around but it was surely worth the wait. We drove in on Saturday morning and checked into our hotel around 3:00. It was a beautiful place…the Sheraton on 11th. I was happy to see Drew so excited…I have always believed that birthdays should be 100% about the birthday boy/girl. It is one of my only-child downfalls probably, but everyone deserves a day for them at least once a year.

Anyway, we spent the earlier part of the night at Trudy’s with the group. The food and drinks were delicious…the special was a Sangria Margarita! Yum! I think we all had a few of those. They had Mexican Martinis as well but I wasn’t brave enough to try one, maybe next time. After dinner, we all headed to our hotels to get ready for the evening. I stressed all week about what I should wear and then realized I didn’t really care. ;) I opted for casual comfort and bypassed the idea of wearing a dress or skirt. I did, however, wear heels as usual but this proved to be a deadly mistake. My feet still hurt as I write this post but that is what I get. Are jellies back in style yet?

The best part of the night was the dancing. We had all been walking into various bars, having a drink or two and then leaving in shame because we couldn’t let loose on the dance floor. We finally found a place with enough room for us all to dance and so we did…for a full hour at least. Keep in mind it was 101 degrees in Austin that day and most of the bars on 6th didn’t offer much in the way of air conditioning. Needless to say, we were all about dead at the end of that hour and by then it was time to head back anyway. Drew was the star of the show as he usually is when it comes to dancing…I knew I loved him the first time I saw him moonwalk, haha! We were in a rush to get back to the cool AC of the hotel, but that didn’t stop my bestie and I from grabbing a piece of pizza from one of the street vendors. It wasn’t the best idea, but at the time it seemed delicious.

The next morning we drove home and had a little birthday celebration at my mom’s. I had been planning to have dinner and birthday cake over there so that it could be a surprise. Have I ever mentioned that I am terrible with surprises? It is just because I get so excited that I HAVE to tell the people involved…so if you ever want my help with surprising someone, think again. Anyhow, I think Drew was half-way surprised…

All in all I’d say it was a pretty fabulous weekend. I hope Drew had a great birthday and I think I will do more special days for him from now on. He is always so appreciative of everything and everyone and that makes me fall more in love with him everyday.

I’m definitely the lucky one!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous that you at Ropolopolo's (not really the name) their pizza is to die for!!

Anonymous said...

*ate at
the thought of that pizza made me delirious for a moment haha!