May 18, 2009

Wild and Crazy SNACKS!

I have already accepted that there are certain food items that I need to stay away from while I am trying to get in better shape.  This gives me some excuse to act the way I do, but nothing prepared me for this...

OK, so call me crazy, insane, weird...whatever you got...but I refuse to give up some of my old favorites so today, I invented a more friendly version of lemon meringue pie.  IN NO WAY AM I SUGGESTING THAT YOU TRY THIS but it turned out pretty damn good and made me laugh hysterically in the process.  Only I would be so ridiculous as to mix together the following:

Ridiculous Step #1: I crumbled some low-fat graham crackers into a bowl.

Ridiculous Step #2: I added in the Yoplait Light (thick and creamy) Lemon Meringue yogurt.

Ridiculous Step #3:  I topped it all with my old standby - Fat Free Reddi Wip!

This is silly, I know but I couldn't help myself.  Alright, so confess...I know at least one of you has a crazy snack that you eat!  Let me hear about it!


Jules said...

That combination actually sounds darn good! I really like the new blog design ;)

Sara said...

My favorite low-fat, low-cal snack is plain rice cakes, smeared with a tablespoon of cream cheese and topped with strawberry preserves. It sounds disgusting but it is just the right mix of salty and sweet. So yummy!

Channa said...

I make sugar-free banana pudding and add whip cream, so good! It is my version of banana cream pie.

April said...

My snack of choice is way fattening, and the reason for my recent weight gain - ugh! Sour cream and ranch dip mix with wheat thin crackers. I.just.can't.stop! So not good, but oh-so-yummy!!

Lil' Woman said...

This isn't low fat but I used to like beef jerky and whip cream...I don't even know why I did it but to me it tasted alright : )

Genny said...

Take two graham crackers and put a lot of icing between them! Yum.

Jessica said...

that. sounds. so. good. I just wrote it down. This is weird but my sister and I used to get vanilla wafers and put red and green icing in the middle and call them hamburgers. We were weird little kids I'm sure but we still make them sometimes and still call them the same thing!

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