December 02, 2008

December is here!

I hope everyone had a super wonderful Thanksgiving...I certainly did! My stomach is just now recovering from the massive amounts of food that were consumed…it will take my waist line a while longer I am afraid. Anyway, I really enjoyed some extra time away from work which meant extra time to spend with Drew and the fam (and extra time away from my fax machine that always has “paper jams”). As mentioned in my last post (I think) my brother brought his girlfriend down from Wisconsin for her first trip to beautiful TEXAS! She was so sweet and was up for all the crazy things my family likes to do. It was crazy to see my little brother interact with a girl but we could all tell that he really likes her so that makes me feel happy and old at the same time! Speaking of old, my birthday was yesterday and I am now officially a quarter of a century…that is right, the big 2-5. If Thanksgiving wasn’t enough to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, my birthday sure sent it over the top. My sweet Drew got me a “beautimous” purse that I have really been wanting and my mom went way overboard as usual. I totally don’t deserve all of this and in fact I felt guilty after receiving such nice things. I will try to make it up to them at Christmas time!

I have CHRISTMAS on the brain! Drew and I helped my mom and step-dad decorate their house for the holidays…they live in an area of town that is known for tons and tons of decorations and it is by far the best place to take a look at Christmas lights. This brings to mind a hilarious story from this past weekend…

My step-dad was in the attic bringing down the Christmas lights when all of a sudden, he fell through the ceiling! He was OK at first but after a few minutes his body just shut down and it caused him to have a small seizure. SOOOO, we had to call the old 911. They came and checked him out and deemed him alright. After all of that, I think his ego was bruised more than anything else! Good times.

But back to Christmas decorations…I can’t wait to decorate our apartment. The only problem is that it will have to wait at least another week because we are moving this weekend (sigh). I am overly excited about moving but can’t stand the thought of physically moving all of our stuff. Luckily, Drew’s parents, as well as mine, have kindly volunteered to help! I will try to stay relaxed but I am ready to have it over with. For those of you that know me rather well, my relaxed equals most peoples’ nervous. Like I said, I will TRY to stay relaxed. The good news is that a week from now we will hopefully have at least a Christmas tree and our stockings put up. For now, I will have to settle for decorating the blog. There are so many cute blog templates (or whatever they are called, I am not cool) that I can’t decide which one to keep…this will give me the opportunity to change them often! Just like always. I can’t make up my mind.


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Kelly Marie said...

I am glad to hear that your sted-dad is okay! That is crazy that he fell through the roof!! I have become the grinch this year: i hate takig decorations down so my rebelliousness has told me not to put any up...i got home today and the whole house is like santa threw up. hahaha happy moving!!