September 10, 2008

Not that I needed one AT ALL, but yesterday Drew and I came across a cupcake place in Sugar Land so we stopped in. It was right before closing so I don’t think they had their normal selection but we picked two cupcakes from what they had available. Drew got one called the Birthday Cake and I got a Red Velvet…they were HUGE and looked very yummy. They were packed in a little box so we hit the road with our cupcakes. I didn’t realize just how huge they were until I looked up their website and figured out that the selection that we must have seen were Jumbo Cupcakes only…apparently they sell kiddie size and regular size as well. From my observation, the “kiddie size” appeared more like the size of a cupcake that you would make at home so as you can imagine, the jumbo cupcake was truly, entirely JUMBO. Anyway, when we got home we dug into the cupcakes AND…they were just ok. I didn’t love either one of them and I have since decided that I can’t get caught up into the designer cupcake trend…not at this place at least. I think I will just stick to making my own from now on!!



beautiful life. said...

I think homemade cupcakes are always the best. But then again, I don't think I could ever pass up a cupcake in general. In fact, now I think I should get off my laptop and go make some cupcakes! Haha, hope you're doing well! :o)

The Hall Family said...

OH LET ME TELL YOU. there is a little slice of heaven called Sprinkles Cupcakes. it is L.A based but is coming soon to The Heights. Their Texas competition is Crave at uptown park. there is a cupcake epidemic lately and most of the imitators are not impressive. there is a bakery in westheimer parkway by target called Ooh La La Bakery, and they too are not that impressive, but ooh so conveniant. i am guilty of stopping in on a lunch break during a "special" time of the month just to suffice a craving.

Hope all is well. sorry for not blogging in 3 months. this thing is dusty.