May 12, 2008

Timeline of "us"

As I write this, I am still not exactly sure what has inspired me to create a blog. I am certainly not exciting nor cool enough to document my daily life…but once in a while, every now and then, something happens that I think is worthy of writing down. Maybe I’m at a point in my life where I am ready to strip down to the basics. I’m not sure how but somewhere along the way I lost track of what is important to me…I think I blame college, but I haven’t decided on that yet. I recently figured out how important the difference is between wants and needs. I want a nice house, nice car, nice clothes…but I NEED God, my husband, my family and my friends. I experience a love everyday that I don’t give enough credit to….it keeps me alive, it makes me happy, it inspires me. It is a need…something that I prayed for my whole life…my husband. Now that I think of it, I think Drew P inspired me to keep track of our daily life (even if we aren’t cool enoughJ). I want a place that I can visit someday in the future that is kind of like a timeline of “us” – the good, the bad and the ugly – and also have a place that our friends and family can keep up with what we do and who we are becoming. In addition, I think I am nearing the age where you get “kicked out” by Facebook.


The Hall Family said...

wow! i love what you write!! How sweet are you?! And I know exactly how you feel! Then, when you have a tiny little kid that thinks you preach the gospel, suddenly you feel the need to do just that! You will be great parents, and it will take much restraint to not hold one or both of your legs when you push!!! hahaha! write more! write more!!!

Shanni ♥ said...

Your hair is freaking GORGEOUS!!

You and your husband and way too cute