January 05, 2010

Meet My Friend DT (Dial Tone)

Today I had a revelation at work. I am a grown-up. I guess I have been for a while but as of today, I am completely and positively sure that I am a certified grown-up however lame it may be.

How do I know?? I’ll tell you.

I work in Human Resources. HR = everyone that calls you has a problem and they will blame it on you merely for being the poor soul that answered the phone to “help” them. They will probably not say hello, they will complain about their issue endlessly, they will ask you to break policy or make an exception “just this once” and then when you don’t, the will most assuredly cuss you out and /or hang up on you at some point. It is always the best when they do both, of course.

So I graduated from Texas A&M in December 2006 (WHOOP) and started this HR job of mine in February 2007. I am self-admittedly a VERY sensitive person, somewhat of a pleaser and don’t like to tell people no…or at least back then. When the calls described above happened, I would feel instant terror/tears coming on/visions of quitting and peeling out of the parking lot never to return.

BUT TODAY…a similar call occurred and when they hung up in my face (after saying that I had “no F’in idea what I was talking about,” even though it was clearly the other way around)…I laughed. I laughed my ass off, and it felt good!! That is how I know I have changed incredibly in the last few years.

It is NOT that I don’t care and it is NOT that I have become a cold-hearted freak of a person but it IS because you can’t let people make you feel bad when you did absolutely nothing!!! You have to laugh it off…it feels so much better.

Lesson for the day – laugh your ass off about something. You won’t regret it!!



Annie said...

good for you!
when you know you are right, you have no reason to get upset. some people are just mean and need to lighten up.
laughing it off was a great way to handle the situation :)
hope you are having a good day hun!!

pocket full of pink said...

AMEN! Well said!

Alison said...

Good for you! I'm SO sensitive so I probably would have cried but I'm working on toughening up!!! :)

Amy said...

Good for you! There is a line between professional and personal, and you just separated work from personal. That's awesome! You knew that they weren't attacking you personally, and could just laugh at the situation because that's all it was. I laugh a LOT at work too...people are crazy!!

Lil' Woman said...

good for you!!
Dont let them get to you!

Shayla said...

Awesome Post!!!

by these standards I gues im halfway to growing up lol half the time I can completely handle myself and deal with people (mainly parents and my boss) being terrible at work, but the other half of the time I just get so frustrated with people I walk away and go home and cry :S

I think the more it happens the better I get at handling it, I just get SO pissed when I know more about a kid than their own parent does and they blame me for something stupid like their child losing their own earring

Shawn and Laurie said...

Love it! You are definitely my sister, laughing always helps. (well in most situations I can think of a few where you really shouldn't be laughing) This will also help you and Drew when you have children someday...trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can laugh at things like this, you will do fine with kids.

kanishk said...

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