August 11, 2008

Free Falling

You know that old saying, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound”? Some will say yes, others might say no but I kind of need to know the answer and quickly. This is a legitimate question we have here. The reason I am wondering is because I am trying to decide if I am a little insane…not scary insane, but weird, goofy, lame insane. To explain myself further, I must expose a most embarrassing event that happened to me this morning at work. I was walking into the ladies restroom when suddenly everything started moving in a quick, downward motion…I was falling. What 24 year old person still trips and falls? Ashley does. It all happened so fast…my corporate life flashed before my eyes. In about one millisecond, 1000 thoughts went through my mind, none of them logical. What if my boss was in one of the stalls and came out laughing at me? What if I got hurt and couldn’t walk back to my office and someone had to carry me there in front of all my co-workers? What if…I broke my favorite pair of heels? The truth is that no one else was in there (thank goodness). Damn you rug. Damn you high heels.

This all brings me back to the original question. Shouldn’t I have been less embarrassed once I realized no one was in there to see (or hear) me fall? Well, it didn’t happen that way and I can tell you that I was entirely embarrassed. Then I started laughing which brought on another situation…there I was with my ankle half broken, my skirt out of control, my face red standing in the middle of the bathroom laughing when a lady from the Training Department walked in. I must have looked like such a loon…I didn’t explain myself I just quickly washed my hands and took off toward my office. Maybe this was the wrong move, but who can blame me.

I realize I am falling more the older I get and it isn’t right. Once in high school on the stairs, twice in college (no alcohol involved) and now at work. I can’t escape it…I am a 24 year old trip-artist.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and that no one falls…and if you do, I expect you to tell about it so that I might feel better about myself.

Love you all!


beautiful life. said...

Ah, Ashley this is hysterical! If it makes you feel any better, please know that I join you in the art of tripping. In fact, my nicnkname all through my freshmen year of college was "Trip"- no joke - and I still have all of the scars from my many misfortunes and accidents beheld in the dorms. I think some times the most graceful women are the ones who find themselves tumbling about at various times. Or atleast that's what I like to tell myself. I'm praising the Lord you weren't hurt! AND that you didn't break your favorite pair of heels! :o)

Anonymous said...

Well I have something to share with you- as I am so glad you posted this entry. I feel the exact same- as if lately I am made of jello. Just last week I came home from the grocery store and was unloading groceries when I knocked over a glass canister of sugar- sugar and glass went flying everywhere- STICKY and yucky! I vacuumed the mess and began to fix my lunch for work the next day. Not fifteen minutes later, as I was putting the miracle whip back in the fridge and BANG- the jug fell from my hands and mayo and glass everywhere! I said out loud "REALLY??" "are you kidding me"?? after taking a pillow and bashing it on the wall a couple of times...ahaha..(I was miffed) I cleaned it up and went to bed.

The very nexy day I dropped a can of soda in the kitchen at work. Again I found myself on the floor cleaning.

I have always been a bit of a klutz but not like that! I can completely sympathize. You are not alone:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that story! I trip all the time, usually over nothing at all. And if no one is around, I'm mortified anyway! When the girl walked into the bathroom, I would have done the exact same thing you did. Have a great, non-trip, week!!

Heather said...

I wrote my story on Chelsea's facebook and thought of you ...SO I got a new pair of wedges and a cute lil top. I'm going to meet my gf at a sushi place and I'm feelin so good about life thinkin I just look so damn cute. So I get out of my car, trying to be as "vogue" as possible ( I even have my shades on, even though the sun is defintaly NOT in my eyes) So I'm walking up to the door of the restaurant when all of the sudden the world around me if falling, no wait I'M FALLING!! and not only to I just fall, I fall INTO THE GLASS DOOR OF THE RESTAURANT!!! Everyone turns to see what dumbass just fell into the glass door. I start crying bc I busted my toe and scuffed my new shoes! The hostess runs out to help me and my gf is staring at my through the window not knowing is she should laugh or help me. haha AWFUL! It took me a while to go back but needless to say they are very nice when I do go in and friendly too!

Ashley said...

HAHAHAHAHA! This killed me!! I am crying...